Culinary exploits in the royal kitchen

Last night my eldest son, Prince Lenny, cooked dinner. He lobbied for the prerogative earlier in the week, and I gave up control of my kitchen for an hour. He was so confident of his culinary skills that he asked his best mate Blessing to come over. Blessing was brave and popped right over.

Menu – chicken franks (hot dogs that are actually healthy), French fries and veggies.

Earlier in the day I told him to check the freezer and fridge for the ingredients and if we needed anything to go out and get it.

Blessing came over, Lenny rolled up his sleeves and got to work. I tried very hard to stay out of his way, so he wouldn’t think I was micromanaging. He kept coming to me to ask questions like how high should the stove be, and the oven and how do you know if the hot dogs are cooked…

After about 15 minutes I couldn’t contain myself. I had to sneak a peek at what was happening in my kitchen. Lesson that Lenny learned – don’t leave pot on stove and leave kitchen to watch TV – dangerous and not cool. The hot dogs were on low, so he figured it was ok.. BH nothing happened.

I went back to folding laundry waiting to be called for dinner. Lenny had unearthed these little hot dog holders that I had bought years ago on a whim at the dollar store and laid one out for everyone with a side plate for veggies and a side plate for French fries. I had already told him that the one who cooks must clean up and I reminded him of this when I saw how he had set the table.

I have to say it was good – as far as hot dogs and French fries can be. Thank the good Lord for ketchup. Makes everything taste good. The kids totally enjoyed their dinner and Lenny cleaned up beautifully. He even swept the floor. And it was awesome for me to have the night off!!

He would love to cook more often but his school schedule is so heavy that it precludes it. I am looking forward to his cooking night next week. Maybe he will try some grown up food this time.

Yay Lenny!!

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