Creepy or Funny? You Decide

Creepy or Funny? You Decide

I am heading to college in the Fall. It has taken a lot of patience and perseverance, but today I finally registered for classes. I had to wait five weeks for my UK paperwork to be accredited by an outside company, but once the paperwork arrived, it was all systems go.

I went to the college to finish my application. I was told I had to take a placement test (did that this morning) and once that was done then I could register for specific classes. I also had to provide proof that I had my MMR vaccinations. I didn’t even bother asking my mum if she still had the proof (she probably does) in my records from when I was a kid. I just had the doctor draw a blood test to check for immunity.

I went today to sit the placement test. I was not too nervous, but knew I needed to at least attain MATH 101 level. I studied hard this week – and it paid off. I passed the English with flying colours, and didn’t do too shabbily in math. Luckily I could choose between taking MATH 101 or a Science class. I’ll do ANYTHING not to take Math, and I signed up for a class in Human Sexuality.

Anyhow, to the story.

I had to get my college ID.  At RCC you go to the security desk, and he takes a picture of you, and prints out your ID. So I went and sat in his office so he could take the picture. This random guy (in his fifties maybe?) walked right up to the desk, pointed at me, and told the security guard “Yes, I am glad you apprehended that woman. She looks extremely dangerous”. He winked, chuckled, and walked off. I burst out laughing and the security dude snapped the picture.

The security guard said “I assume you know that guy, right?” I told him I did not, and had no clue who that was. He said “no, really… you must know him otherwise…. why would he say something like that?” I totally laughed the whole thing off, but the security guard was creeped out.

It was just so random. So, folks, creepy or funny?

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  1. Jonathan says:

    Creepy, definitely creepy.

  2. Vanessa says:

    Ewww. Creepy, but you got a great ID photo out of it.

  3. Lily says:

    Eh, not really creepy, just random and kinda weird. I’d be kind of nervous and scared of something creepy, this just seems like a random guy with really ‘dad joke’ kind of humor.

    Congrats on passing the placement test! Good luck! :)

  4. Echo says:

    He was probably trying to get a laugh out of you. It worked. I say funny. And you got a fantastic picture id out if it

  5. Abe Kohen says:

    “passed the English with flying colours.” Really? ;-) Was it British English or American English – where we leave out the extraneous “u.” Good luck and enjoy.

  6. Mark says:

    Funny. And a little creepy. But since it was only an offhand comment, and since he walked away right away (as opposed to remaining and trying to hit on you), more funny than creepy.

  7. sheldan says:

    Should I be insulted as a math instructor with that statement regarding Math 101? :-)

  8. tesyaa says:

    Not that creepy. The guy thinks he’s a barrel of laughs, he just happens to be wrong.

  9. Eve says:

    Funny. Random and funny. I appreciate random and funny. Not at all creepy. Creepy would be if he sidled up to you and asked for your number. Creepy would be following you out of the office and watching you get into your car. Creepy would be… well… you get it. Having experienced a WHOLE LOT OF CREEPY in my life, I qualify that is just general silliness. And, I approve of general silliness.

  10. Lady Lock N Load says:

    Just watch, this guy will be in all your classes! ;)

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