Crazy Hectic Life as a Student and Mom

Crazy Hectic Life as a Student and Mom

Since I started at college life has gone full tilt, pedal to the metal. I don’t know what I was thinking taking 5 classes, 15 credits, and dealing with a super-busy family life and the annual September craziness of chagim. The good news is that the chagim are over (definitely a good thing for me this year) and this is a FULL week of normal days for classes, and evenings for homework and study, after I have seen to the family’s needs.

All through the holidays I pushed myself beyond my limits ensuring that nothing I had to do fell through the cracks, and that my studies did not suffer due to religious observance and family life. It definitely helps that I have a supportive husband and kids who listen. (Mostly).

So far I have submitted a handful of papers, and am keeping an A average. I am LOVING the people-watching on campus, even though most of the time I feel so old.

Yesterday, before class started the other kids were chatting. One of them said I had my priorities straight – raising the kids then going back to school. I disagreed. I told them that if I could do it over again I would have started and finished college before marriage, or certainly before having children. I told them how hard it is to balance it all. I kind of told them the whole “stay in school” speech – and they were drinking it in.

I think next semester I will take only four classes – but we shall see. I should have eased myself into this education thing – but, being me, I jumped in with both feet and I expect to excel.

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Got to go and start waking up the kidlets – have a wonderful day!

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  1. I have not taken a full year of five courses since my 2nd year of undergrad. I did my B.A., an M.A., and two M.Eds. part-time. Without question I would have died otherwise.

    (I sort of lie. My last year of the first M.Ed. I was technically taking 12 credits, which is a full load, but 6 were my thesis, so it didn’t involve class time, just gathering data and writing a 30-page paper for a prof who away on medical leave…)

  2. Batya says:

    I have no doubt that you’ll do it all perfectly. It’ll just be harder for you to visit your son (and friends) in Israel. You’re still young and have a long life ahead of you, G-d willing. Good luck! בהצלחה

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