We all love a deal, right? Money off our groceries and other items is always helpful. Since I moved to NY I have been learning that certain coupons can get doubled and we get coupons in the mail for all sorts of things. My fave are the Bed Bath and Beyond coupons because even if they are out of date, they still work!

Some restaurants also give coupons. I once knew someone who thought it was totally tacky to present a coupon at a restaurant to get money off. He said that if you cannot afford to pay for your meal in full, you shouldn’t go to a restaurant. I can see how he may have been right, especially on a date – you don’t want to appear cheap, but on the whole – is it tacky? Is it financially smart?

Do you have a line that you won’t cross when it comes to clipping coupons or are you up for saving pennies everywhere? Do the weekly coupons influence your menus? What was the best deal you ever got with coupons?

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  1. LOL, well I suppose it’s a bit obvious what I’m going to say! I love combining coupons with sales to get my staples at rock bottom prices. I just got a FREE electric toothbrush today (at CVS), 4 *big* bags of pretzel M&Ms for $.25/bag (at Walgreens), and 5 bags of Thomas English muffins for $.49 each (at a local grocery store).

    By “strategic shopping” I manage to spend only $400 – $500/month on ALL of our food and household items (family of 5). So yeah, I like coupons and I definitely think they are financially smart!

  2. fille says:

    My basic feeling is: “If someone wants to give you something for free, call the police”

    That means: I am extremely sceptic of all these bons and reductions and special deals, because I suspect, that ultimately, they want me to spend more money than I intended. Therefore, I do not collect them and I don’t use them.

    This said: If you go systematically according to bons and do not fall into the trap that stands behind it (spend money you did not want to spend in the first place), it could be a good deal, especially if you have a large family.

  3. Tuvia says:

    I am all for the savings. I started buying gift cards discounted online to save more. If they will sell you $100 of Bed Bath and Beyond giftcards for $90, its an even better savings!

  4. RubyV says:

    I don’t do coupons because recently, the coupons only work if you buy high volume, which is wasteful for a family of three. I’d rather shop the sales at my local markets, and buy as needed. For example, roasting chickens are $.85/lbs, so I buy one to freeze, and crockpot the other for leftovers for the week, and make stock from the bones. I find that a good sale saves me more than a coupon.

  5. Frayda says:

    I like to clip coupons and match them up with sales in the stores. I think they can be very useful and you can get a lot of free items with them. Sometimes I don’t because I am lazy and unorganized and then I kick myself a little when I buy an item that I know I can find a coupon for.

  6. batya from NJ says:

    i am a fan of clipping coupons but i don’t always remember to use them when i’m at the supermarket ‘cuz i’ve got so many of them but it’s the thought that counts & i’m all for trying to save some money when i can.

    that said, if i were a guy on a date, i probably wouldn’t whip out the coupons ‘cuz it just might not make a great impression at the restaurant, cafe, or what have you!!

  7. Mark says:

    We use coupons and sales (especially coupons combined with sales) as often as possible. One of the best examples took place about 5 years ago. Both Pampers and Huggies (and CVS if I recall correctly) were changing their diapers packaging style and the stores were having sales. During the first week they were 50% off and when combined with coupons, we purchased a bunch of packages at excellent prices. Then a week later we were astounded to see them at 75% off. We (my wife and I) rushed to nearby stores and purchased many packages of diapers. Finally a week later they were 90% off and we went to any store within a 30 minute drive (yes, we literally mapped out where all the stores were and drove a route that covered as many of them as possible) and bought everything they had remaining in all sorts of sizes. By the time we were done, we had at least a 2 year supply of diapers in our garage in various sizes from 2 through 5. We had 3 out of 5 kids still in diapers at the time. Our logic was that even if we were left with a supply of diapers after the kids were all toilet trained, we could donate the remainder to charity. I never did a formal calculation, but we probably saved close to $2,000 on diapers over the next 2 1/2 years. Another advantage is that we never ran out of diapers and even helped neighbors who ran out once in a while.

    We use coupons whenever possible. Sometimes the Sunday paper has especially lucrative coupons in it and we go out and buy a few additional copies of the newspaper just for the coupons! Our paper recycling bin is particularly heavy those weeks. We also print quite a few coupons that are emailed to us by manufacturers and by stores.

    But I agree that it is tacky to use coupons at a restaurant on a date. After the 20′th (or whatever) date it isn’t tacky anymore :-)

  8. Duvii says:

    Any coupon is a good coupon.

    Someone wants to give away money, who am I to say no?

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