When someone pays you a compliment how do you take it? Do you say “thank you” and continue about your day with a bit more of a spring in your step? Or do you say “What? Me? No, you must be mistaken. I am not wonderful / the best / smartest / pretty etc”. Whichever way you answer, what does it say about you? (and if you even answer a compliment with “I know” – does it look like you have a huge ego?)


I am lucky enough to get complimented often – generally by my kids and my husband. With my kids I always wonder if there is a request for money coming after “you look so pretty today” or “great supper”– but I know from the KoD the same comment would make me smile and say thank you.


However, I do end up thinking, do I really look pretty? Could he be right? Doesn’t my butt look fat in this? OR is my soup really that awesome, or are my guests just being polite? But even I think these negative thoughts, I was taught that you must always accept a compliment graciously and thank the giver. Keep all your doubts to yourself.


Then again, when someone tells you that you look amazing and you say “I know” -  that does smack a little of self absorption. JMHO.


So how do you respond to compliments?

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  1. shorty says:

    I usually blush. say thank you. and blush.

    its nice to get a compliment, and i try to remind myself, that it IS a compliment, and i am being appreciated at that moment. Those moments are rare, so i try to be thankful for it. but then, i don’t try to live life to receive compliments either :)

  2. hadassahsabo says:

    i hear you on the blushing….

  3. ladylockandload says:

    I think your response to a compliment determines it’s end.

  4. Z! says:

    It depends on who it is from and what it is about.
    Sometimes we expect to be complimented and sometimes they come out of the blue.
    With close friends, in a joking manner, a little “I know!” can be funny.
    But usually, accepting a compliment with a warm smile and ‘thank you’ brings satisfaction to both the giver and the receiver.

  5. That’s one thing my father taught me well.

    Whenever I would respond with all the reasons why the compliment could not possibly be true, my father would gently remind me:

    “when someone pays you a compliment, just smile and say ‘thank you.’”

    I now teach my kids the same timeless lesson

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