Comfort foods

Pursuant to a recent conversation on twitter I bring to you the subject of comfort food. Not the chocolate you stuff your face with when you are depressed, nor the cake you eat when no one else wants to finish it. No.

I bring you foods from my ancestral home,  like :

Beans on Toast

Chip Butties

Scrambled eggs with ketchup

Bangers and Mash

Toad in the Hole

Do you enjoy these delicacies or are there other treats from back home that soothe you?

Disclaimer – my KoD is an RD (registered dietitian) and it is totally my belief that he would NOT recommend the nutritional value of the majority of these dishes. Honey – unless you ask, I won’t be making them for you.

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  1. Lady Lock and Load says:

    YUM!!! There are probably lots of ways to make these favorate foods healthier. Are these foods that you ate growing up in England?

  2. Chavi says:

    Not something that I loved, but my mom always made SOS (shit on a shingle) for my dad and that is something he loves. He was a Navy guy, and my mom is an Army brat and SOS is a definite Army food.

  3. hadassahsabo says:

    and what does SOS include, pray tell?

  4. Lady Lock and Load says:

    Is SOS beans on toast?

  5. there are definitely things from my childhood that I love ziti with ketchup and butter, we had it once a week when I was growing up (every monday) and i totally crave it once every few months or so. My husband (who is half Sicilian and makes his pasta sauce from scratch) is totally horrified by this dish. I’m sometimes horrified by it as well (really mom? ketchup and butter?) but doesn’t stop me from loving it.

    Also my favorite ever breakfast is a *good* bagel with cream cheese and a fried egg on it. Also something my dad used to make all the time when I was a kid. Still eat that once every few weeks, although the bagels here are subpar (i found one coffee shop that has good ones that I think they import from NY).

  6. oh i would add that i used to randomly crave chicken soup before I got your recipe and started making my own! Now i have it all the time. Also sometimes I wish I had cholent again, but never enough to actually make any. :)

  7. Z! says:

    Potato Kugel is a NEED.

  8. Lady Lock and Load says:

    Choulent is Jewish soul food, hope my hubby will still eat the leftover choulent, not in the mood to cook tonight. Shabbos without potato kugel is like french fries without ketchup.

  9. michelpaints says:

    People who don’t know me well forget that though I have a very French name, I am indeed half Scottish. I love all your comfort foods and would add chips in curry sauce, full Scottish breakfast (though these days all kosher products of course), and yes a nice haggis!

  10. hadassahsabo says:

    i never had the guts to taste Haggis, Michel. does it taste ok?

  11. Chavi says:

    Oh, no. SOS is the following:

    Ground beef in some treify dairy sauce (milk + butter + salt and pepper) over mashed potatoes. Some people serve it over bread, but my mom always did mashed taters.

  12. Chanief says:

    All of those foods, except the beans on toast, look interesting and like something I would try (with veggie products instead of meat.)

    My comfort foods all involve melted cheese. In fact they’re really just an excuse for melted cheese. If I could get away with a bowl of melted cheese with some tomato sauce I would. Mmmm, must go get some cheeese…

  13. Chaviva says:

    Oh I knew I’d commented on this with SOS :)

    I’d definitely eat a Chip Buttie!

    Ever heard of Roladen? That and SOS were family staples. Very German of my parents.

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