I recently made a new friend. We connected through carpool. I knew no one at my son’s school and asked the secretary for the number of someone to call so I could carpool with them. I called #1 on the list and we instantly hit it off. We have the same whacked out sense of humor, the same impatience for the ridiculosities that abound in our communities, similar approaches to child rearing and the same outlook on life.

After many phone calls, emails, (attending one shiur together) and driving each other’s kids back and forth to school, we met for lunch today. (Gosh, this sounds almost like dating!!)

So, as many of you know, my life up to this point has not exactly been a boring one. Telling over my life history and my family dynamics – well it takes a while. So I said to my lovely new friend (I must think up a name for her…aha! I have it! Lady Florence of the Brick) wouldn’t it be convenient if I had a CliffsNotes of my life that I could just whip out and hand out to new friends and acquaintances. We’ve already talked about flash cards to hand to people – how about a CliffsNotes of your own life?

The first chapter in my CliffsNotes would be “Yes I was born in Wales and that indeed makes me a Welsh Jew!” – the one thing that most people seem to be surprised by. What would be your first chapter?

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  1. Chaviva says:

    “Yes, there are Jews in Nebraska!”

  2. lady lock and load says:

    I used to have a Jewish friend who was from Nebraska.

  3. mrsmelissasg says:

    “No, I am not Canadian…. (but my paternal grandmother was born there so I’m happy to pretend)”

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