What are you two least favourite chores to do in the house? How do you manage to get out of doing them? What chore do you enjoy doing the most? Do the kids have to do chores? What about your spouse? Is there a fair division of labour?

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  1. litter box and washing dishes are my least favorite, and my husband does both now. I got out of the dishes by totally failing to wash dishes- I’m just really lazy about it and didn’t wash them very well, and my husband is really finicky about germs and stuff, so he does all that now. The litter boxes…i don’t even remember how I got him to do that, but I haven’t scooped a litter box since he moved in.

    Since my husband is presently unemployed, he does about 90% of the housework. I cook dinner a couple of times a week (mostly because I enjoy cooking and if I let my husband cook every night I would be eating tacos and pasta every night), and we split the dog walking when we are both home (so when I am at work it’s all him, but when I am home we trade off walks). I also clean the shower every month or so, cause he just never does that, and i take care of making appointments and paying the bills. He does vacuuming/mopping/toilet cleaning, cooks most nights, all the dishes, litter boxes, laundry (he folds it too!), walks the dog when I’m not home, and grocery shopping (sometimes I come along, but not usually).

    I work 30-70 hours a week at my job, depending on the week, so I think this is quite far. :)

  2. batya from NJ says:

    that is why i TG have cleaning help so that i don’t have to do all the heavy chores around the house. i do all the lighter housework & straightening up though & i don’t expect my husband to pitch in equally with the housework as he is the major breadwinner & slaves away at his office till all hrs. trying to provide for his family. it really would not be fair of me to expect him to contribute to the housework as well. i am thankful to him that his hard work allows us the luxury of having household help for the most unpleasant household chores that i do not wish to do.

  3. tesyaa says:

    I hate making the kids’ lunches. We teach them to do it themselves as young as possible. If they need supervision, and for the little one, that is one chore I leave for my husband because I just can’t face it.

    • hadassahsabo says:

      my kids have all made their lunches for a long time. I got sick of the whining over the wrong sandwich filling, or wrong flavour juice box. I finally threw my hands in the air, and said “it’s up to you now”. I supervise the youngest, but they all know how to do it now.

  4. Lady Lock and Load says:

    My worst chore is putting away the groceries. Litterbox is a close second, especially when the imbecile cat “misses” (boys will be boys…).

    I am not good at deligating jobs as I would just as well do it myself than tell someone to do it but recently I had my daughter make the corn salad for shabbos and she washed the dishes friday night. :) Thanks Leah! (if you are reading this!)

    I love to shop and cook and bake for Shabbos, especially when I am having the QoD for a meal…oh, and KoD too (sorry ;) )

    I actually love to clean but I do have a cleaning lady to help me as it’s hard to clean a house all by yourself.

    My hubby is very lucky cause he married one hell of a balabusta!

  5. Z! says:

    It was made very clear to me at the beginning of my marriage that Hubby doesn’t do house work. He was totally willing to pay someone to do it, as long as he doesn’t have to.

    My least faves are the toiletsd and floor mopping. so, we do have the help to do that. Since she’s with us nearly every week, I often let her do the dishes as well.

    Having cleaning help made me very uncomfortable at first. It’s not something I grew up with and felt that I was a lesser wife for not being able to keep up. I have since grown better accustomed, but I still find it hard to tell her what to do. I make my husband deal with her, usually.

  6. Mark says:

    I like pretty much anything in the kitchen, shopping, preparing, cooking, cleaning up, organizing pantry,etc. I especially love washing dishes, HOWEVER, I hate the water that I waste when I do it. I probably use 10, 20, or 50 times as much water as the dishwasher uses. I admit that I have a problem because I simply do not know how to wash dishes without the hot water running.

    I do not like preparing kids lunches and leave that for my wife to do.

    Everything else I pretty much hate :-)

    • Lady Lock and Load says:

      My hubby hated making his own lunch for work so much that when I offered to make his lunch every day if he would go on Weight Watcher, he went for it! Almost seven pounds off now, WOOO HOOO!

  7. Jen says:

    I hate I mean hate to hoover. Ugh just thinking about it! Since there are no children its up to me and my partner. I do not really like him to clean. He does what I call Mona Lisa cleaning, from far away or only the front view it looks good but closer you get the more you it does not look so good : ) but I appreciate the attempt!

  8. Rachel says:

    Don’t mind doing laundry, but really hate folding it. Thankfully, the cleaning women, who does all the other things I hate, is able to fold most of the laundry.

  9. Baila says:

    I absolutely hate the big, weekly shop. Enjoy doing the laundry.
    My kids and husband pitch in, but I hate it that I have to tell them. You’d think by now they’d know to just do the stuff without my asking.

  10. Rebecca says:

    I work full time and my husband is retired. He does almost everything. I do laundry which I like and I like to cook but so does he. I hate bathrooms. I have gotten very lazy as well because my husband does not want me to do it after working a full day. He so easily has forgotten how he worked full time and did laundry, and kids while I was going to school. He does not seem to mind and I make sure to thank him.

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