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The other week at the KFWE 2011 I met up with my new buddy Alan B of Jack’s Gourmet Sausages (seen in the pic with me and the lovely Jamie Geller). He is a real foodie and knows his way around a kitchen better than many people I know.

He shared a recipe with me for a dish called Chillent. See, it’s like Cholent in that it’s a Shabbat lunch hot dish, but it’s hot and spicy and kinda chilli-ish.

So, we figured that we would try it for this past Shabbat – I love to try new dishes and this seemed like it would be perfect. I did add some cholent meat that wasn’t called for in the recipe, knowing that my male eaters need M E A T.

It was just as easy to put together as your traditional cholent, but it was apparent early on that it didn’t have the same stick-to-your-kishkes-ness as cholent does.

We did enjoy it. But the kids missed the full feeling –I-can-never-ever-eat-again-and-I-must-go-and-take-a-six-hour-nap post-cholent feeling, and they missed the potatoes too. I would serve it over rice or couscous if I made it again – and if I do make it again, I will probably make it for supper during the week.

But at least the boys tried it, and didn’t tell me they didn’t want to like it – and I have a delicious new dish in my repertoire.

For Alan’s Chillent Recipe – click over here. Tell him I sent you ;)

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  1. lady lock and load says:

    Waiting for him to come out with the products that do not have MSG.

    • AlanB says:

      Thank you for this honest evaluation. I’m glad you found this delicious. You are correct, it certainly doesn’t have the “fall asleep before you bentch” factor of standard cholents, instead the “pick me up spiciness” might not be for everyone’s Shabbos table. We love it for the guests who demand spicy, or just for a break from the usual.

      and….lady lock and load…none of our products have MSG. We proudly announce that on the front label.

  2. lady lock and load says:

    whoops, I meant nitrates. They said they were coming out with products with no nitrates that will be in the freezer.

    • AlanB says:

      We WILL be coming out with “no nitrates” sometime after Passover, however it will only be available to restaurants and caterers who are clamoring for it. We still don’t have the name recognition for people to look for us in the freezer. Many Jewish supermarkets also produce their own “fresh” sausage, and consider our products competition. They are reluctant to carry competing products that actually taste better than their homemade, plus they make a larger profit on selling their own. When the consumer finally DEMANDS our products (which insures the store of sales) it will be a while before we can make headway into the store shelves. Sound unfair? It is, but that’s just the reality we’ve been facing.

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