Chicken Feet

One of my favourite childhood taste-memories is the feel of chicken feet on my tongue once I was done slurping up my chicken soup on Friday nights. We would feast on pippiks and chicken necks, and sometimes Grandma would throw some chicken feet into the soup. Those who have had them totally understand the appeal of these delicacies.

raw chicken feet, ready for my soup.

Once I moved to Canada it became impossible to find chicken feet, in fact, people went out of their way to show me their utmost displeasure at even mentioning chicken feet and chicken soup in the same breath.

Today I was shopping at Monsey Glatt (an experience on a Thursday afternoon, I can tell you) and while perusing the meat freezers I came face to face with a bunch of chicken feet, packaged and ready to sell. To me. For my soup. This week. In my mind, this was reason #46279 to move to Monsey – they sell chicken feet!! I was so darn excited and couldn’t wait to come home and show the KoD my purchase, after almost 2 decades of living chicken-feet-free. Such deprivation!!

For someone who works in the food industry, his reaction was not as I expected. He was totally disgusterated at the idea of me even thinking to put them in the soup. Plus, the thought of this possibly being a regular occurrence seemed to shake him to his very core. I offered to cook them in a mesh bag-thing inside the soup, so I could take them out as soon as they were cooked. Only I would eat them, I wouldn’t serve them to him or the kids. The dude turned quite a nice shade of green – and totally leeched the joy out of my find. Harumph.

Well, KoD, let me just tell you this. I would look very very carefully under your pillow tonight before you go to sleep – you just might find some interesting items in need of a pedicure.

You know, I could have bought Beef Knees too – but I didn’t know quite what to do with those….

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  1. lady lock and load says:

    Most people buy the chicken feet to make p’tsha (calf’s foot jelly). They use the chicken feet instead of the calf’s foot.

    The beef knees are great in the choulent.

    One year on Rosh Hashana, the same store you bought the chicken feet had little packages of rosh shel keves, sheep’s head! My neighbor said it’s from the neck, not the head. Lo and behold I boiled up the piece of sheep’s head and noticed TEETH! I screamed sooo loud, you would have heard me from your house had you been home!
    Maybe KoD would like you to get some for Rosh Hashana?
    Jewish people have always been very thrifty in using up all parts of a kosher animal. I grew up with all sorts of interesting organ meats in the fridge and I still can’t eat it, including tongue.
    So what are you going to do with your chicky feet now that KoD has banished them from the soup pot?

    • HSaboMilner says:

      see, thats where i am weird. i can enjoy any part of the animal or fowl, EXCEPT the head. Don’t even show me a picture of a sheeps head or a fishhead…. euw. And tongue makes me cringe. I cooked it once, and almost threw up when the recipe called for peeling it.

      but they are so little, the chicken feesalach…

  2. lady lock and load says:

    This post is making me consider becoming a vegetarian!

  3. lady lock and load says:

    yeah they hang out near the viola mikveh. Let him stay there, I had six of his big brothers in my back yard yesterday!

  4. Ashleyroz says:

    Oh man, I love chicken feet and duck feet. Besides, it adds a wonderful mouthfeel to the broth with all that extra gelatin. My husband loves them too. Tell KOD he’s totally missing out.

  5. lady lock and load says:

    DUCK FEET? the poor kachkalach! oiy! goose foot anyone?

  6. T says:

    OHhhhh, this is just WAY beyond any sense of normalcy for me! yes, even for me!
    GRODY!!!! Although I can picture this whole scene happening!!

    • HSaboMilner says:

      when you guys come stay I won’t serve them to you but I will teach your daughter how to cook them for when she marries my son ;)

  7. Chaviva says:

    Okay, I was craving some meat after my month+ of vegetarianism … and … this makes me want to continue on. No more meat craving. Thanks, toots :)

  8. Duvii says:

    OK. I am turning green just reading this.

  9. Z! says:

    Couldn’t you just lobb off the offending “feet” part and put the longer leg bits in? He’d never know….

  10. Tuvia says:

    I will you might have over paid by about $6.23

  11. Mel from Monsey says:

    My sister and I used to fight over them many moons ago. My wife also loved them. Bring them to our place and my wife will put them in next weeks soup.

  12. RubyV says:

    Can’t stand ‘em. My abuela used to put them in arroz con pollo, or arroz con guandules. Ew.

    I will continue to embrace my vegginess. (BTW, I wonder why so many Jews are veggies?)

  13. gumbo recipe says:

    I like eating chicken feet. It is yummy!

  14. Irene Saiger says:

    My mother always used chicken feet when making soup and we would then suck each foot clean. Delicious.

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