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The holidays are coming up, and even though we do not believe in buying a lot of gifts for the kids and step kids, we still want to get them all something nice. Between me and the KoD we have five sons and two daughters. Even if you impose a limit on spending per kid, it adds up. Add in the recession that has hit everyone, you need a fairy godmother to help you out. Let Charlie Shrem be your fairy godmother.

I recently came across Charlie’s website,, that has the most awesome deals. They only put up one deal per day on their website, and have a countdown clock showing you how much time you have left to buy the item. They have stuff ranging from designer sunglasses to Movado watches (they were selling them for $260 when they retail for $900!!), shower radios to Bluetooth headsets at ridiculously low prices. Something for everyone. I did some research into them because many of their deals seemed too good to be true. I am happy to report that this is not stuff that fell off the back of a truck. It is all 100% legit. They buy in bulk through many world-wide distributors and therefore are able to offer you their merchandise at a price that makes sense to your wallet. You can click here and find the deals that have ended, just to give you an idea of the merchandise that passes through the site.

What I love about their site, and which is another reason why I go back there every day, is that Charlie – one of the cousins who runs the business – puts up a video demonstrating the daily deal. For instance, today the deal is Kenneth Cole Sunglasses (for $19.99!!), so he is modeling them in the video. His videos are always so entertaining and the accompanying music always cracks me up. Charlie always shows you what you are going to get in the package. Sorry girls, but Charlie doesn’t accompany the deliveries!!

Seriously, folks, this site is awesome. If you just monitor the site for a week, you can find holiday gifts for so many people on your list and do it for a fraction of the cost, and at the same time you can support a couple of hard working young Jewish businessmen.

(Disclaimer: I have not been paid to advertise this website, I am just sharing it with you because it really can help you out).

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  1. has been doing something similar for years..they also have that specifically has stuff for kids …the stuff today is not that great, but they have different stuff every day

  2. batya from NJ says:

    thanks for the heads up!

  3. Frank says:

    Ya I like daily checkout better, its more personalized and the products are better

  4. You call Chanuka “the holidays” and you send your kids to a charedi school?

    • Mark says:

      Yeah! The “holidays” just ended a few weeks ago! In my book, the holidays, and the holiday season is the ~3 1/2 weeks of Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, Sukkot, Hoshanah Rabbah, and Shemini Azeret (some also include Simchat Torah, which they confuse with Shemini Azeret).

      Chanukah is fun, but it’s no “season”!

  5. Mirage says:

    I think you guys should give her a break. She can call it whatever she wants. Last time I checked, Chanuka is a holiday. I think you might have missed the main point of the post. She was letting people know where they might be able to get some great deals (btw, thanks for that!:)

    • Mark says:

      I think the post is great, just the two words “The Holidays” applies to Christians in this season, not to Jews. Not that there’s anything wrong with that :-)

      • Mirage says:

        First of all, how did you put a real smiley?
        Secondly, I hear what you’re saying, but anybody could be reading this blog so by saying ‘holidays’ it covers all ground.

        My comment was directed more towards Abbi (though I’m not sure if she’s joking or not)

        • Mark says:

          I put the smiley by typing a ‘:’ followed by a ‘-’ followed by a ‘)’. No spaces in between.

          Abbi’s comment was rather snide and perhaps a bit holier-than-thou. But we’re all like that sometimes :-) [another smiley for you]

  6. hadassahsabo says:

    this post can apply to everyone, not just my Jewish readers – i do have readers from other faiths, you know!!

  7. Abbi says:

    Mirage – I agree, Chanuka is “a holiday” not “the holidays”. As Mark said, our holidays ended last month.

    Hadassah- I just find it a bit intellectually suspect to dress, act, behave and educate your kids in a “charedi lite” manner and then discuss your plans for “the holidays”. I’m pretty sure your non Jewish readers would be just as devoted if you discussed your shopping plans for Chanuka.

    • Mark says:

      Abbi – I just find it a bit, actually more than a bit, taste and appropriate-ness suspect to comment publicly about how others raise their children. Especially when the person raising those children is doing a pretty darn good job. Not to mention, how do you know how someone is or isn’t raising their children?

      The only time it is appropriate to make such comments, and then only to the proper authorities, is when the kids are in a dangerous situation (abuse, etc).

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