Channeling Marilyn Monroe

Ok, so we all know that famous picture of her supreme hotness Ms Marilyn “happy birthday mr president” Monroe  - you know, the one with her in a sleeveless white dress, standing on top of an air vent / grate / whatever you want to call it, playfully holding down her dress that is threatening to expose 1960s glamorous undies and those luscious legs…and she manages to look gorgeous and stunning and oh-so-relaxed…..


Picture this, if you will, in the year 2008. Woman leaves office building wearing high heeled winter boots, thick black winter tights, knee length a-line plaid skirt (very trendy this season) and winter coat together with winter hat. As she walks along the street there is a huge gust of wind, and it blows her skirt up about her ears. She has a hard time getting the skirt to go back down, especially as she tries to hold hard to her hat, the look on her face – sheer panic. She wonders if she should stop for a second and strike a pose just in case this tableau will also be immortalized on camera. But no, it is way too chilly to leave her skirt up in the air like that, but she is ever so thankful that she ignored her disdain for tights as she dressed this morning. They may be ugly, but they sure as heck protected her from the leering of the construction site guys that whistled as she walked by, skirt firmly tucked to her sides.


I don’t know how Marilyn did it, but I want some of whatever she had so I could be nonchalant about my skirt exposing me to all and sundry.

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  1. Z! says:

    Oh no! I know the feeling though….

    And marily n had no compulsions about being naked at all. Silly sex kittem that she was.

  2. Well I think it’s good you felt the way you did, and weren’t nonchalant, shows you still have your sensitivities.

    But that is embarrassing…I usually wear long skirts so I don’t have that problem, but I’ve seen woman’s skirts go up with the wind.

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