Cell phone etiquette

I don’t know about you but I hate being on speakerphone. I cannot clearly hear the person with whom I am conversing and when there is background noise, it really ruins the conversation. I generally ask the person to speak to me without the speaker or to call me back at a better time when they don’t have to put me on speakerphone.

I was just at the post office, and this woman came in carrying on a conversation on her cell phone. Fine. I think it’s rude to be talking to your friend on the phone while someone is serving you, but that’s just me. What was surprising to me, perhaps even shocking, was that this woman had her friend on speakerphone so the whole entire post office could hear BOTH sides of the conversation. I didn’t know this woman but if I had I would now know that her son’s girlfriend didn’t approve of his choice in room mates and was forcing him to choose between them and the woman at the end of the phone thought that she (the girlfriend) was a lazy good for nothing biatch who wasn’t deserving of her son. Do I need to hear this as I buy stamps? Does the person on the other end of the phone even know that her side of the convo is being broadcast to all and sundry? Surely she should have been told that everyone can hear her?!

I generally end my calls before I am entering an establishment where I may need to interact with people. In my opinion it’s just rude to behave otherwise. What are your thoughts?

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  1. Just plain rude. Depending on the mood I’m in, I’ll either roll my eyes and let it go, or, if it’s really bothering me, I will actually say something to them.

  2. Sheva says:

    I agree what has this world come to. I have also been involved in too many other peoples conversations, and not by choice. If i ever have to use the phone while im in a establishment i usually will pause and say to the clerk …Im sorry to use my phone but this is a doctor and i cant hang up. or something like that

  3. I’m with you, sistahfriend! My post office has a sign on the door and at each station saying they will gladly serve you when you complete your phone call. Personally, the only reason you need to be on the phone while transacting business is to call 911 — and then, why don’t you actually talk to a person.

    I’ve been guilty of being on the phone while on line thinking it will move slower, but I always get off the phone when it’s my turn.

    The thing is that if just one person is on the phone (us) it’s OK, but imagine if everyone pulled out their phone. It would be deafening!

    Sometimes when people are getting all personal and chatty I wish I has the nerve to just pull out my phone and pretend to talk to someone and just openly talk about intimate and personal randomness that I can make up since no one is really on the other side of the phone. Y’know. Just to make a point. But that’s very passive aggressive and, well, rude.

  4. Rishi says:

    I agree. I also think its extremely rude when you have conversations with other people whilst on the phone. If you don’t have time for the phone call, or you are too busy, just hang up and say you’ll call back later!

  5. It’s definitely rude, and I also try to finish calls before entering a place of business. However, when I’m talking to my mother on the phone (in my home), and she’s out in the world, I don’t stop the conversation when she goes into the grocery store, etc., because I want to keep talking! So I suppose I need to work on that bit…

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