Carded…for medicine!

My little ChatterBox has a cold, his poor little nose is all red and sore, and he keeps sneezing. We ran out of cold medicine – I had brought it with me from Canada where the selection of OTC meds is far superior to the selection here.

Firstly I couldn’t find any chewables for my 9 year old. Seriously – do they expect them to have liquid meds until they are 12? That’s ridiculous. I need to plan a trip to Montreal just to load up on Children’s Advil Cold and the adult version too.

I got to the cash register to pay, and they ask me my birth date? What? “We need to ensure you are over 18 according to FDA regulations”. LOOK AT ME, do I look like I’m under 18 looking to drink baby tylenol in order to what, get high?

Shaking my head.

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  1. Lili says:

    There is still a nationwide shortage of children’s cold medicine (as well as some adult ones), so maybe it’s due to that? You are probably better off going to Canada.

  2. ROTFL! I can totally see you getting high on baby tylenol, Hadassah! But maybe a visit to Montreal is in order … I’m sure they will be happy to see you!

  3. mj says:

    They probably need to enter an exact birth date or year into their system

  4. lady lock and load says:

    Happens to me too when I buy certain cold medications. I think it’s because kids misuse and get addicted to certain medications so legally they have to card everyone. Refuah Shelayma to your son!

  5. Mark says:

    I saw a 70+ year old being carded at Target to buy a 6-pack of beer. Apparently they tell the cashiers that they MUST card everyone!

  6. proudmommy0f4 says:

    I got carded buying glittery spray paint for a school project for the middlest one here. Trust me, I do not look under 18. Not even close!

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