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So I am looking into car rentals for my next trip down to NY. It’s doing my head in. there are a bunch of different companies that have different extra fees / charges that more or less double the price of a rental.

Below I show you the price of a weekly rental from two companies – and the hidden fees. Some companies charge more if you drive it to the States. Some charge for extra mileage. I need to work out what is the most economic to do. If I am renting a car, I want to rent it for a day or two extra so that I can run some longer distance errands here in Montreal.

I just wish there was some way of calling up a company and saying get me the best price, and have the car waiting on Thursday at 9 am. Oh and have someone else pay for it too.

Any suggestions and help will be greatly appreciated. I posted on to see if someone can give me a ride down and back, or if maybe someone wants a ride and is willing to share the cost with me.

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  1. is there a plane or a train or a bus you could take? For 240$ there has got to be a better option.

    Craiglist has a section called “rideshare” where you can see if anyone is going down, or maybe offer someone else a ride if they will split the cost.

    Also, how far do you live from the border? Do you have any friends just across the border? Would it be possible to park your new car somewhere right across the border, have someone give you a ride over, and then drive down that way? If you drive down twice a month or so, it might even be worth it to pay for a monthly parking spot somewhere right over the border.

    • hadassahsabo says:

      i know about the rideshare but as a woman travelling on her own it’s too much of a risk if you don’t know the person.

      there are buses and trains and planes etc but I am limited for time as I have the kids to get back to.

      I did find some cheaper rentals….but yes, its still pricey.

      Getting over the border is do-able, but a hassle and a headache.


  2. Blog Fan says:

    - Try expedia…
    - Leasebusters may be a solution if you can find a car with 1 year or less left on the lease.

  3. mekubal says:

    I was going to suggest cheaptickets and websites like that.

  4. There is a frum bus company that goes back and forth often enough that the timing might work out for you.

    • hadassahsabo says:

      unfortunately it does NOT work for me…if it would leave Friday morning instead of Thursday night that would enable me to use it after getting the kids off to school. Taking the bus means finding overnight babysitting for the boys….

      • batya from NJ says:

        there’s also a man with a van that goes from mtl to monsey & then to brooklyn & he travels during the day but i doubt he leaves on friday, esp with the early shabbos & all but i’ll email you his #.

  5. Suzsqueak says:

    I would also suggest for comparisons to find the best price. I tend to use them for car rental and for flights as well.

  6. Z! says:

    For a whole week of car use it’s not a terrible price. It’s just useless for you in NY.
    Perhaps taking over someone’s lease isn’t a bad idea. SL did it, you can ask her about it.
    Also, y not let KoD suffer the headache of the search?

  7. Z! says:

    it’s not for YOU, it’s for US.

    • hadassahsabo says:

      I stand corrected….

      • Z! says:

        Darn straight woman! You know that I do my best to try to figure things on my own, but sometimes we need to acknowledge that we need HELP. The KOD LOVES to help- especially you, cuz it helps HIM too. (Don’t forget!!)

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