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There is this new website that was just launched. Basically singles upload their photograph and the photographs of the people they are interested in and other users vote on whether the person is perfect for them, whether they can do better or the other person is out of their league. People actually trust this site to help them with their choice.

The CEO says

“We understand singles are searching for quality, not quantity, and increases the odds of finding a suitable dating partner.”

Sigh, I mean, really – this is all about dating someone based solely on their looks. How is that quality? You can’t tell a person’s character just by a picture alone!! Such a shallow society we live in.

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  1. Benji Lovitt says:

    What is the problem with dating for looks? Just look at me and the love of my life. G-d, is she hot or what?

  2. Benji Lovitt says:

    I really wish you wouldn’t objectify her like that. She has so much more on the inside (like techina.)

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