I needed to bake a cake today. I baked a red velvet cake with vanilla frosting. No cream cheese because I don’t want the cake to be dairy. (and YES it was from a mix!)

What’s your go to cake to bake when you just need to be in the kitchen creating?

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  1. Chana says:

    Nothing beats chocolate. Ever.

  2. Z! says:

    Dunkin’ Heinz chocoloate brownies and sometimes banana bread

  3. You know there’s parve cream cheese frosting out there, right? Duncan Hines or Pillsbury … I forget which. I think it’s the latter.

  4. Woodrow says:

    Vanilla/yellow cake mix plus SOMETHING sweet to add to it (can be jam, can be candy, can be leftovers from something else).

    I’m not constrained by the pareve thing though, since my kitchen is 98% dairy (one meat crockpot is my meat “oven” and my REAL oven is diary).
    But to each his own- As Gilbert and Sullivan might have said if they had kosher kitchens,
    “That ev’ry Jewish boy and ev’ry gal
    That’s born into the world alive,
    Is either a little sweet-eater
    Or else a little meat-eater”
    (see's_song.htm for original lyrics)

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