Caffeine-induced psychosis.

I just randomly stumbled upon this – can anyone explain what it means? I need caffeine to wake me up enough to be able to process this information…..


Hedges DW, Woon FL, Hoopes SP.


Department of Psychology, Neuroscience Center, Brigham Young University, Provo, UT, USA.


As a competitive adenosine antagonist, caffeine affects dopamine transmission and has been reported to worsen psychosis in people with schizophrenia and to cause psychosis in otherwise healthy people. We report of case of apparent chronic caffeine-induced psychosis characterized by delusions and paranoia in a 47-year-old man with high caffeine intake. The psychosis resolved within 7 weeks after lowering caffeine intake without use of antipsychotic medication. Clinicians might consider the possibility of caffeinism when evaluating chronic psychosis.



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  1. tom says:

    it means that coffee can make you crazy…no coffee can make you crazy…damned if you do…damned if you don’t just plain damned…

    go find some low acid kosher coffee…

  2. Z! says:

    Ditto Tom, up there.

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