Bye Bye Coffee

In an effort to combat this pesky RLS that I have, I have been cutting down on caffeine. I am down to one cherished cup of the heavenly brew at 6 am. That is it for now, and next week I cut that out.

I am cranky. I want the decaffeination to be working immediately. I want to see  an improvement, but it is early days yet. I need to be patient. Yet, I am not sleeping, I have all but cut out my favourite beverage, and I WANT RESULTS NOW!!

I have been hearing suggestions for acupuncture and acupressure and yoga and meditation. I am reading everything I can on RLS (in my oh-so-abundant (NOT) free time – and I am concerned that all the dietary changes I might make will have had no effect other than to give me CBS. (Chronic B*tch Syndrome).

By 7 pm I am dying to crawl into bed. I am yawning up a storm. I am only 38 and I am falling apart!! I took a sleeping pill the other night to help break the cycle but I didn’t like how I felt the next day so I won’t be repeating that.

This RLS is an annoyance and an aggravation that I could deal with so long as it didn’t affect my sleep. But it does. And that leads to the CBS….although I am really trying hard not to be kvetchy. (The whining about how I neeeeeeed cofffeeee noooooow doesn’t count, KoD, ok?? I am mourning the loss of a dear companion)

With sleep, I can do anything. Without it, I feel like a used dish-rag. Before anyone suggests melatonin, I have no problem falling asleep. It’s stopping the legs from moving in my sleep, or jerking, that I need to do. Those movements are so sudden they wake me up over and over again.

I have a family member that also suffers from RLS / WED and he has been a tremendous help. At least I know I am not alone. I also wonder whether the surgery I had recently has anything to do with this…

Anyhow, I just threw supper into the crockpot (Meat Chili) and must eat some lunch and get back to work. Send some sleep vibes this way, ok? and have a coffee (or seven) for me.

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  1. Danny says:

    I’m also a serious caffeine addict

    The only painless way I’ve cut it out on 1 occasion over the years, has been by adding 20% decaff to 80% of every caffeinated cup for a week, then 40-60 the next week, 60-40 week after that etc. Didn’t feel a thing, and stayed off for over a year.

    (How I got re-hooked is another story altogether….)

    Good luck

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