Bursting with Secrets!!

Bursting with Secrets!!

The big secret I’ve been keeping for months can finally be shared. I am writing this on the plane, on my way to Israel. As you know I have a twin brother. We’re turning 40 this weekend, and I figured the best gift I could give him would be my presence. My entire family lives in Israel, and I roped everyone in to be part of the surprise. I booked my ticket months ago when there was a seat sale.

My brother has no clue. He figures he’ll be bringing his wife to Jerusalem to meet our older brother and his wife for a birthday celebratory dinner. Little does he know that it will be a table for 5. He will be shocked, and I hope pleasantly surprised.

It’s been so hard keeping this secret. I wanted there to be no chance of him finding out, so have not mentioned it on social media. At all. It’s been tough, but I am so psyched to be able to surprise him.

I am also looking forward to seeing the rest of the family. Living so far away is tough. I cannot wait to hug my Mum and my stepdad, and marvel at how much my nieces and nephews have grown. I so wish the KoD and my boys would have been able to come, but the money tree hasn’t started blooming yet….

I cannot remember the last birthday I celebrated together with my twin. In person. It’s going to be epic. Having a twin is just indescribable. It’s a different kind of bond than the regular sibling bond. Not better, different. I cannot wait to surprise him. I’m practically bouncing with excitement!

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  1. Elayne Beneford says:

    I can’t believe you kept a secret that big.

    I stopped receiving notifications of new posts via email. Hopefully this will restart them.

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