Bring Back Our Boys

Bring Back Our Boys

It’s on everyone’s minds – the kidnapping by Hamas terrorists of Eyal, Gilad and Naftali. Teenaged yeshiva students who were on their way home 6 days ago.

Every day I wake up and immediately check for news of their release and return home, and every day I have been sorely disappointed that they are still unfound, still unsafe, still far from the warmth of their families’ embrace.

I cannot even begin to imagine the pain their parents are suffering – nor the conditions that the boys are in right now.

However, life has to go on. We must continue to live the best lives we can – and not be paralyzed by fear, and not be frozen by grief and sadness. For if we stop – the terrorists win. For if we give up on normalcy they are victorious. We cannot let them beat us.

I am awed by the strength of these boys’ families – their poise and their faith while they wait for news of their sons. I take strength from them. May they continue to be strong, and may we all celebrate their sons’ return very soon.

I have faith in the Israeli army – and I pray daily for their safety as they go house to house searching for our missing boys.  I have faith in God that He will bring them home. I have difficulty understanding WHY this had to happen, but I pray that God in His infinite wisdom will guide the IDF to the boys’ location and get them home safely.


As I am writing this, I am dealing with the confirmation of the date of Aliyah for my second son Naftali. He’s leaving in a little less than five weeks.

I have received several messages suggesting I cancel his Aliyah, and bring home Aryeh – because, as they said, Israel is obviously not safe.

Aryeh is a soldier. He has enlisted. While still in training he is not currently part of the search for the boys, but he is part of the IDF and I support his role 100%. How would bringing him home be the right thing? How would preventing Naf from leaving be the right thing? Will it bring Eyal, Gilad and Naftali home quicker? Heck, if that were the case, we would all do whatever we could. But it won’t.

I have written on this subject before “Aliya is still happening” – abandoning Israel in its time of need is wrong. Israel isn’t only our country when it’s peaceful and quiet.

By the end of July two of our kids will be Israeli, one serving his country, the other will join the IDF within a year of his Aliyah. As their mother, I couldn’t be more proud. Do I worry? I am a Jewish mother – I worry every single day. But my worry should not be allowed to prevent them from living their own lives.

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  1. rachelli says:

    you have what to be proud of. may hashem watch over all our boys who serve in the army, and bring quickly a release for ayal, gilad and naftali.

  2. Abe Kohen says:

    God bless you and your children.

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