Stop the world for a sec – I need to breathe! Wow, life is frenetically busy! Working many hours these days, and trying to fit in family at the same time, which leaves no time for anything else. I have been wanting a haircut for about a month, needing to take the car for a wash for 5 months, I haven’t window shopped at the mall in FOREVER (but that’s totally a good thing)!!

I think I need a personal assistant or a clone. I certainly am shocked that I am doing all of this without a caffeine buzz…I miss coffee, but I am well able to function without it. I am drinking more water and juices to keep myself hydrated – and working out at the gym when I have time boosts me better than caffeine ever did.

At least I have the luxury of working at home – laundry can get done while I work – I don’t know how parents manage the whole work out of the house thing. Seems impossible to me – so hats off to those of you who do manage to juggle everything.

Those of you who work at home – what’s your biggest distraction? What’s the downside, in your opinion, of working out of the house? The biggest advantage?

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  1. Alan Broner says:

    I work at home virtually all the time, the biggest downside is the proximity to the kitchen..I’m a nosher. I also spend days, never having stepped out of the house, which is a radical departure from the 28 years of being a professor. It makes me too sedentary. I wish I could get out to a gym like you do, but I haven’t. I just miss being out there, and interacting more with the world

  2. HSaboMilner says:

    Yes, the isolation gets to me sometimes too. But I figure working out of an office with other people would ruin my concentration. Alan, you CAN get out to the gym, you have to make it a priority. It took me a long time to get the motivation up to actually join and go often, but I haven’t looked back. I’d offer to go with you, but, well…. you know!

  3. T says:

    The biggest distraction?
    My bed ever so softly whispering…”come back to me, I’ve got a cozy spot for you with a fluffy pillow”!!!! ; )

  4. I don’t know. I feel like when I worked at home, I never ever STOPPED working. My “office” was in the living room, I didn’t have a private, separate space like you do and that might have been part of the problem. Other than my workaholism. I felt like when I worked out of the home, I was able to leave work at home.

    Except when I was a teacher. Then it (work) all came home with me in the form of planning, grading, calling parents daily, emailing with students and more than I had anticipated when they said my schedule (ha!) was 9am to 3pm. As a teacher, I slept 4 hours a sleep and had Pepsi for breakfast. What saved me was the summer off when I could spend more time (often too much for her), with my lovely teen as she went from being wonderful and worshiping me (age 14) to hating me for existing (16).

    Juggling working full-time with just ONE kid as a single parent was virtually impossible for me. My hours were 9 to 5 but sometimes they were longer so she joined a lot of extracurricular activities. She was what they used to (or maybe still do) call a latchkey kid except because she was a teen, I could trust her to get home alone or to entertain herself from 3pm to 5pm when I maybe got off work. I’m glad the kid was a good one because she could have used a lot of her free time to stop doing homework, ditch school and G-d knows what else. I’m not sure I would have noticed. I was so tired.

    The years she was a teenager are a total blur, especially when I worked a full-time job and a part-time job at night. When I had those two jobs, she would meet me at work after school and we would have takeout at my job and I unofficially hired her as my assistant. I remember somehow making time to throw her parties, to invite friends over for family game nights, to somehow making it to parent teacher days & nights and also, all her chorus (kill me!) performances.

    I think I was on auto-pilot until she turned 18 and went to college, at which point I ran up her phone bill by checking up her every single day.

  5. tesyaa says:

    The downside of working out of the house is the commute, but mine is relatively short, so it’s manageable.

    When I do work from home, I also enjoy the ability to do laundry at the same time.

    I don’t like working from home when my kids are home, even with a babysitter. They know I’m there and don’t respect the fact that I’m working. However, it’s on occasional basis, so I don’t have a private room set up as a home office. If I worked from home on a regular basis I would definitely upgrade my workspace.

    I enjoy interacting with my coworkers, and I find I make more connections and get more work done face to face. Not always, but sometimes.

  6. Rivki says:

    My biggest distraction is the internet. And blogging, and all the social media, and obsessively checking my email. I need to seriously work on my self-control in that area.

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