BOOK REVIEW: Binding Memories: A Clock is Rewound in Prague by Diane Greenberg

BOOK REVIEW: Binding Memories: A Clock is Rewound in Prague by Diane Greenberg

You know by now how much I love to read – and when I read I become personally invested in the story and I try to find something to identify with the main character. I deeply identified with the protagonist in this book. That’s the mark of a gifted writer to be able to create a character so deep that one can relate.

Nora Jacoby is around my age and seems to be dealing with a need to understand her parents’ history and how it impacted them, and through them how it changed her life. Her parents lived through the Holocaust – and bore the scars. Nora has felt unloved by them all of her life and wants desperately to understand who they were and who she is and why she was so unlovable. Living in Israel in the 80s, she decides to retrace their footsteps through Prague and explore what all this history has meant to her and her family.

This story is a journey about self-acceptance, and forgiveness. In the blurb it says it’s a love story, and while the love interests in this book are significant, to me, the love story is one of self-love. As we follow Nora on her quest for understanding, we suffer through her anxiety and depression with her, and by the end of the book we start to feel that we are healing along with her, that our positivity is returning.

Diane Greenberg wends a wonderfully deep and rich tale. Her sentences are lyrical at times, and paint pictures so perfectly that your mind’s eye is well fixed on the scene being described. Not only did I enjoy this story, but I embraced the well tailored English in which it was written.

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Disclaimer: I was not compensated in any way for this review.

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