Blood Segregation

Blood Segregation

This is not what I consider Judaism. I consider this fundamentalism.

Read the article: Rabbi bans Orthodox Jewish men from receiving blood donated by women, non Orthodox Jews, non Jews

Do you care where your blood is coming from if you are in a situation that you need to receive a blood transfusion? Does it matter? Where will this fundamentalism end?

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  1. Jess says:

    Makes my blood boil!

  2. Mark says:

    Some have said that the whole thing is a lie and that none of this was ever said. Basically, they are saying that the premise of the book is that blood donation should be segregated by gender. However, I still fail to understand why an entire book needs to be written about that? There are already plenty (more than enough) books out there about tznius.

  3. sheldan says:

    Initial reaction: ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

    Unfortunately, this crap (pardon the language) is believable in this day and time. I wonder how this rabbi would be able to enforce such a decree.

    I don’t care where the blood comes from as long as it is safe and the right type. This is the kind of fundamentalism that must be resisted by all of us.

  4. kweansmom says:

    A few things about this article don’t pass the smell test. First of all, this supposed rabbi has no name. Second, the article claims that some ultra-Orthodox organization is planning to start a new blood bank named Lev Malka along the lines of these rules, but there is already a blood bank named Lev Malka which has been around for 20 years and is not charedi nor is it restricted by these ridiculous rules. Third, even FailedMessiah hasn’t carried this story. Finally, the whole thing is ludicrous.

    I have a feeling this is like the cucumber fatwa — a total hoax.

    • sheldan says:

      Yes, it would not surprise me if it were a hoax. However, the fact that someone would publish it at all is still disturbing. The fact that it sounds like some of the fanatics out there is more disturbing.

      Maybe this is a wake-up call to all of us Jews. The world doesn’t care about the divisions we have among us. They’ll use rumors like this to cast us all in the same light. Even if some Jews don’t approve of what their fellow Jews are doing, they must accept the fact that there are Jews who disagree with them and not try to put their “opponents” in “cherem.”

      • Prof says:

        Sheldan, this isnt “the world” starting rumors. This is a jewish site that gets a kick of out making ultra orthodox jews look bad. I would be willing to bet this story is a hoax.

        • sheldan says:

          Which “Jewish site” is it? Maybe we should direct some scrutiny to it.

          • kweansmom says:

            What kind of a site is it? Well, several comments, including mine, which linked to the Hebrew article or otherwise doubted the accuracy of the Jewish World article, were removed.

            Like the great Rav Hershel Goldwasser once said, “Don’t believe everything you read on the internet”.

  5. Prof says:

    Notice that the article doesn’t name the rabbi who supposedly gave that ruling. It is a load of hokum. People enjoy hating on the ultra orthodox.

  6. kweansmom says:

    Here is an article in Hebrew about the book, which was put out by Lev Malka and distributed to their donors.
    The book was edited by a Rabbi Goldmintz. It goes through the halachos of donating blood, including “inyanei tznius”, issues of modesty. The Hebrew article does not mention women donating to men, or non-Jews donating to Jews. Rav Scheinberg is indeed mentioned, but not about donating in mixed gender settings.

    Lev Malka, according to their website, organizes blood drives and works together with Magen David Adom and the national blood banks. “Lev Malka conducts these blood drives and distributes the blood, to all sectors of the population, regardless of their affiliation, religion or denomination.” Here’s their website:

  7. Justine says:

    An interesting article which raises so many issues!! I think that if you just look at the page on which it is published, there are many issues raised before you even read the article itself!! Check out what else appears on this page! All the other issues seem to have been raised by the comments to your post.

  8. I’m not sure the writer is reliable on this sentence alone: “An Israeli rabbi has ruled that an Orthodox Jewish man in need to receive blood…”

    “In need to receive blood?” That’s not even English.

  9. kweansmom says:

    I contacted Lev Malka to see if there was any truth to this article.

    I received a response from Yossi Haberfeld. Here’s what he had to say:

    “In the name of Lev Malka, this is a total fabrication, and misrepresentation of the facts mainly due to erroneous translation of the Hebrew source. Note that there are no references sited for the so called Rabbi’s ban on donating or recieving blood from the opposite gender.
    Quite the contrary our organization is the largest independant blood donor of Magen David Adom of Israel, to which we have donated over 21,000 pints of blood. We conduct blood drives in Yeshivahs, girl schools, Banks, Medical clinics, and many other public places. We do these for men and women simultaineously with the proper seperation as per the halacha requirements. We collect on average 6-700 portions of blood at each such event.
    We never ask the recipients of the blood their gender or affiliation. We have no interest in creating our own blood bank as the article insinuates.
    Do you think the recipient of blood or a heart, kidney or other transplant has to check where it came from? This is basic pikach nefesh, there are no discusions about this by any reputable Rabbi.
    You can read about the good work of this organization of which I am a proud volunteer for over 20 years, at ”

    In other words, the yourjewishnews article is nothing but a blood libel.

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