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We have been married for almost 6 months at this point. Most of the time we spend together is over Shabbat. So there are a lot of everyday mundane things that we don’t get to do together, being that we live apart for now.

I arrived in Monsey on Sunday for more than just a day or two. Not for good, mind you, because we don’t have the visas yet, but for a decent period of time.

Yesterday I saw my husband off to work, a very wifely thing to do, very normal and usual. But I enjoyed it. I spent the day doing laundry, chasing after kids, grocery shopping, baking and cooking dinner. Regular chores, right? But I have never done them here on a regular day. That makes it exciting and a little overwhelming* at the same time too.

Baking treats for my husband, calling him in the middle of the day just to know how his day is going, getting supper together and setting the table. How many of us take these simple things for granted? I love it. I loved sitting here, with supper cooked, waiting to hear the garage door open. Asking the KoD how his day was like so many other spouses the world over. Serving him dinner amongst the chatter of the children.

I know once we move down permanently many of these things will become rote and routine, but for now I am enjoying every minute.

*Overwhelming – why? Imagine you’ve lived in a city for years, you know where to shop for everything, who has the best deals, freshest produce, best service, where is the best place to go for what etc. You have your residence set up the way you want it with everything just so, to suit your needs. Then displace yourself to a different country, different house, differently stocked kitchen, and immediately expect to be able to do it all the same way. FISH out of WATER. Being a perfectionist doesn’t help in the slightest. I did have a brief period of panic yesterday. But once I got into the groove in KoD’s kitchen the panic melted away. I need to learn to stop putting so much pressure on myself.

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  1. giti says:

    Hadassa, we all take the mundane things for granted in life, but from time to time we get to see how lucky we are to have them, and say wow thank you hashem! Enjoy these few weeks together with kod:)

  2. shorty says:

    I am so happy to hear you settling in over there. B”H you will be there “full time” very very soon!

  3. shorty says:

    and the mundane is what brings us to Shabbat :) I want to be able to do the cleaning and laundry and shopping because i think of it all in the name of a wonderful Shabbat with hubby!

  4. Chanief says:

    I’m glad you’re enjoying some domestic bliss with the KoD for more than just a weekend :) It’s also nice to see a fresh perspective and appreciation for the daily routine most of us take for granted.

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