Bendigamos Al Altissimo

I blogged about this Sephardi Birkat Hamazon many moons ago.

Yesterday my friend G6 put on a Thanksgiving Dinner for the seniors center that she runs, and the awesome choir of KAJ sang a medley of songs, including Bendigamos. This song touches my heart for many reasons – hearing it sung at our shabbat table when I was a tiny child is one of my earliest memories.

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  1. fille says:

    Interesting, the song is going round over here too. Are you of spanish descent?

  2. motherof4 says:

    I lived for a few years in Zimbabwe while I was at high school, and the Sephardi shul was just around the corner. The Sephardi congregation originated in Rhodes (Greece) and had made their way down Africa until they stopped in Zimbabwe. I remember them singing this after Seuda Shlishit. The older generation still spoke Ladino, and on Yom Kippur the women would read and cry over parts of the mahzor written in Ladino. Needless to say there is no-one left there now, but I remeber the tune very well. In shul they would use the same tune for Min Hametzar.

  3. Your post brought back fond memories for me (in particular of Mikveh Israel, the Spanish/Portuguese synagogue in Philadelphia, where we sang Bendigamos as part of Birkat Hamazon at our shul lunches).

  4. Brenda Mommy says:

    never heard this before but now I am in love with the melody and am listening to it via various youtube sources. Thanks for the introduction.

  5. Ha_Safran says:

    Yeah, I remember this from going to the Portugese Sephardic shul in Chicago (Evanston) as a kid – after bircat hamazon, everybody would launch directly into this.

  6. BigZush says:

    Two solo versions here (one male, one female)

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