Brain power low

Emotions on overload

I know

What needs

To be


Follow through

Never been

My thing


The truth

Hold onto


Let the power of truth

Free me

For when I

Walk with

God’s hand

In mine


Is a given

Judge not

Fear not

His will

Is mine too

Fill me with courage

Bless me with strength

Tomorrow I will be reborn.

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  1. Richard says:

    When I feel that way, I sit back and think. What is going on around me? What has God dealt me? Not so much when I walk hand in hand with Him, but when He is not here, what has He set up for me, what has He given me to help me deal with the confusion, the bewilderment. I gather my strenght by the strong around me. Knowing who to draw from as well as where to withdraw from. He guides us in many ways and forms.

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