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Prince ChatterBox has recently been working diligently on a school project. Each child was given an animal to research. They had to put together a report and build a diorama of its habitat.

Yesterday we went to the 4th grade classroom so that all the students could present their verbal reports to the class and parents.

Teacher did a smart thing – she had the boys write out their oral presentation on index cards, and stuck them to the back of the diorama – that way the kids didn’t need to hold the speech in their (shaky) hands and it could appear that they were talking to the audience.

The kids were nervous, so many of them kept their hands in their pockets, but they did well. I love that at the age of 9 my son is learning how to speak in front of other people, and present his ideas.

As he got up to speak he tripped, and his lego diorama of the dolphin’s habitat broke. A friend went up in his stead, ChatterBox got down on the floor, put the habitat back together, waited his turn and looking extremely unruffled gave his presentation.

So proud of him! Afterward he told me he was so glad it was over, but he was thrilled that he got through it.

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  1. rebeccad says:

    Sweet!!!! Have lots of Nachas from him and all your children! His presentation is ADORABLE!!!!! I love when a parent appreciates their kid’s and schools efforts. So many times I hear the opposite and these kids and teachers work so hard on their projects. May we all keep on enjoying our children!

  2. T says:

    OH! I am so proud!!!!!!!!!
    love that little man so much! hug him will you…for Mali of course!

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