Awesome Contest Looking for a SuperIma!!

From my friends at MetroImma:

While we’ve run contests at Metroimma before, we’ve never had a contest quite like this. We’re staging a nationwide hunt for the Real Metroimma. Whether you’re an entreprenuer, a stay at home mom or a bit of both, you might be the Metroimma we’re searching for!

Do you juggle your kids’ playdates with your conference calls? Do you tweet about your life in between cooking dozens of dishes for Shabbos? If you’re a mom who does it all, you could be The Real Metroimma we’re looking for. Don’t think you fit the bill? Maybe you know someone who does and would like to nominate her to win this coveted title.

To enter, send us a photo and a 300-word essay telling us why you or the person you are nominating should win the title of Real Metroimma. All submissions should be submitted to by November 14th. To vote, please visit our Facebook page to find the Real Metroimma Photo Album and click like on the photo of the Real MI nominee of your choice. The Metroimma with the most likes by December 1st will be announced as the winner on Facebook, Twitter and our homepage and will receive $500 cash, plus other amazing rewards throughout the year that come with the role. There will be additional prizes for three runners up.

Good luck! And may the best Real Metroimma win!

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  1. Justine says:

    Silly contest. Clearly Jodi Samuels is the ultimate Metroimma!

  2. Sarah Klinkowitz says:

    I don’t know…I’d have to put Jamie Gellar in there. She’s has the magazine, the blog…and she just had a baby! Don’t know the number, but if she can juggle all that, I’m impressed!

  3. Justine says:

    Sorry, realise of course that you must be the supreme Metroimma …

  4. Avrumy says:

    What’s the facebook & twitter address?

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