Another Milestone

Last night was Prince HockeyFan’s graduation from elementary school. He’s now a ninth grader about to start high school in the fall.

Time, it goes by so quickly! Watching his whole class sitting up on the stage last night – some of them, at 14, looking rather grown up, some looking like they are still kids… I think back to myself at 14, remembering how awkward I was, how grown up I wanted to feel.

HockeyFan has worked so hard this year in school – and didn’t stop doing so once his high school acceptance came in. Some kids would be content to say that they achieved their goal (place in high school of their choice) so they can sit back and rest on their laurels.

Not HockeyFan. Every day he put as much effort into his studies as he could. Now he gets the whole summer to relax and then prepare for high school.

Three sons in high school now. Three!! How is that possible when just yesterday they were so small?

This is HockeyFan when he was a year old…

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  1. rebeccad says:

    Mazel Tov!!!!!!
    Wait until you have those same kids out of highschool! I just celabrated my second child’s graduation from high school. I am saying the same things you are only 10 years older then you. WHERE did THE time GO?????
    It is both sad and happy. I watch moms with todlers and I am almost envious I miss my kids so much and my two oldest who are high school graduates are still at home. I can’t beleive it was just yesterday when they were small…….
    Enjoy and savor every step, milestone, heart ache, and acheivments your children do! Congrats on this very important one and to you Hocky Fan Keep up the Great work!
    Also how is Sam? We are praying for him.

  2. Amy says:

    Mazel tov! That is so exciting. Enjoy the next phase and seeing what amazing, interesting and unique people they are becoming. My son graduated h.s. last week and as soon as pomp and circumstance started playing, the emotions were overwhelming. Congratz!!!!

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