Another cool new US resident

As we were waiting for our interview we noticed another candidate in the waiting area. He was tall, wore his hair in a mullet, and strutted around casually. I remarked to the KoD that I bet the dude is a rocker. In these situations of perpetual waitage I tend to people watch. It’s fascinating.

We ended up going back to the consulate (I will explain why later) at the same time as mullet dude, and we got to talking.

Turns out mullet dude plays guitar for certain singers. He was recently on tour with Melissa Etheridge and actually turned down Don Henley for his current tour due to his appointment at the Consulate…who turns down playing guitar for Don Henley??!!

I so totally called it! Enjoy your legally resident life in Santa Monica, mullet dude!!

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  1. lady lock and load says:

    Too bad he didn’t pose for a pic!

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