Almost Done with First Semester

Almost Done with First Semester

I know I haven’t been blogging much. Life has been so very hectic. But I have a week left of this semester at college, 3 finals, 2 papers to finish, and then I have a month off before I start the next semester.

It drives me crazy that people bash community colleges. Every time I have a complaint, or something to say about the students / faculty / workload etc people take the opportunity to bash the college, and say that only losers attend / teach at community colleges. This isn’t true and it’s a hurtful thing to say. It’s as if they are telling me that the effort I am putting in to my work isn’t worth it, and any good grade I get is only because everyone else who attends are losers so of course I will do better than them.

I’m proud to go to Rockland Community College. I’m proud to be a mature student of 40. I’m proud to say I am doing well. It’s been a very busy semester – and I am more than amazed that I managed to stick it out till the end, and keep up my good grades, especially with “interesting” times in my home life.

I am loving every minute of being at school. I enjoy the challenge, the learning, the brain food. I find the paralegal classes have a better mix of ages than the English and Science prerequisites have. In my Science and English classes, I am the only one who has children, the only one with life experience. But even that’s been fun. I love my professors, especially the ones in the Paralegal department.

I have registered for four paralegal classes for next semester, two of which are hybrid classes. This means that they are half online, half in class. So we have class every other week, and in between we have assignments to do online. This gives me greater flexibility to get everything done – home / kids / school. I cannot wait to get started again.

The kids have enjoyed the fact that Ima has had homework. They have all been very understanding about not disturbing me when I am studying. And they cannot wait for me to have a month off so I can take care of everything that I have been pushing off until then. My to-do list is insane. I have a feeling I will be very glad to get back to school mid-January.

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  1. Mel Heching says:

    Congratulations on your undertaking a very difficult job. My wife started her masters when she was a grandmother and running a household. She was a great success at both tasks.

    Community colleges are a wonderful way to get started with a higher education. I teach at both a community college and a 4 year school. The level of education is very similar. It is just cheaper at the community college.

    RCC has an honors program. Many students that graduate from the honors program get their Bachelor degree form an Ivy League College. That is not too shabby.

    In addition, your work habits are setting a wonderful example for your children to emulate.

    Go for it!!!!

  2. Leye-Shprintse Öberg says:


    Congratulations Hadassah! I’m studying at the University, we don’t have colleges in my country, and even here people say that some educations are better than others. I’m studying literature and languages; and therefore, some people Think it’s ‘so easy’ since I don’t study justice and law or medicine. Seriously, I don’t understand why people want to catagorize Everything, everybody can’t become doctors or lawyers. I’m very happy that you’re doing so well and that you can keep all balls up in the air! Good luck next semester!

    Leye-Shprintse <3

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