I am a 40-something mom to 4 wonderful sons, the eldest three of whom have fallen over the cusp of teenagerhood, the youngest of whom is 12. They are my full time job, my hobby, my inspiration and my life.  I cannot imagine a life in which I was never a mother. Motherhood has defined me in a way nothing else ever could.

After being a single mom for a few years,  in February of 2009 I married the love of my life, the KoD, who brought me the additional gift of his two daughters and son. Because of the immigration laws, it took us 19 months until  we were able to be living under the same roof. I was waiting for papers for myself and my sons up in Montreal that would allow us to move to where my KoD lives in Monsey NY. I spent a lot of time on the I-87 driving to and from NY. It’s a six hour drive with border crossings to contend with. As of September 21, 2010 I am a legal resident of the USA and have moved lock, stock and barrel to NY. Read our story here.

I have always loved to write, and I am pleased and proud to post my writings in a public forum. Please enjoy, and comment if you feel so inclined. Please note that all works contained herein are under copyright and may not be reposted without permission.

Please play nicely and don’t verbally attack in the comments. I reserve the right to edit comments for length, language and spelling. I reserve the right to be politically incorrect as it suits and hypocritical also as it suits.