A Rant – About My Neck

A Rant – About My Neck

Regular readers of my blog are aware that I had neck surgery a year ago.

Everything was hunky dory and magical from the moment I woke up in the (I was going to say delivery room!!) recovery room. Until six months later when the pain started returning in dribs and drabs.

Today I am in constant pain. Basically, I have to suck it up and deal with it. Doc says my spinal cord was compromised and I may never be 100% normal again. (Yeah. I know. HSM – normal?!) Thankfully my arm and leg that were extremely affected before the surgery are not affected now. The pain and discomfort is solely in my neck, and I have full range of motion in all of my limbs. I don’t take it for granted. At all.

I am ticked off that I have to wear this stupid (bad word I know. Sue me) neck brace / cervical collar (it has nothing to do with my cervix, surely??) all the time. When I don’t wear it I hurt more. Wearing it seems to take the pressure off the pain points. I don’t want to live my life on painkillers, and the neck brace kind of takes the edge off that. Of course, if I didn’t have to drive nor sit in front of a computer screen there would be a lot less pain… but I make my living at the computer screen, and living where I do, driving is just absolutely part of every day life. Add the trips to Lake George and back twice every third weekend so the boys can visit with their Dad – well, that adds to it too.

I bought a black cervical collar so that I could mix and match – the skin-coloured one is just so obvious and in your face. But the black one isn’t as tight and isn’t as comfortable and doesn’t give me as much support. So I rarely wear the black one.

I have people stare at me in the street and in the store, and many people ask what happened. I am just so sick of the whole damn thing that I don’t even want to answer. Although, there are some great suggestions on THIS THREAD of things I could say. I just resent looking different. Or even, being treated differently. I dropped something at the grocery store and the clerk bent down to get it for me – I am quite capable of doing it myself. I was gracious and said thanks, but I was growling internally.

Yes I am grumpy. BUT I HATE THIS NECK BRACE. It could be worse, I know, but if I cannot complain and whine and moan and groan on my own blog, where can I do it? Stupid pain in the neck!

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  1. tesyaa says:

    You absolutely do have a right to complain on your own blog or anywhere else. Constant pain is not something to sneeze at.

    Sorry the black collar didn’t work out. You are an extremely attractive person with the collar or without, but I know you are accustomed to looking chic and the black collar seems like it would definitely have been more chic.

    Oh, and cervix just means “neck”; I guess we women have more than one.

  2. formermonseyite says:

    Have you tried accupuncture. My husband has a broken vertabrae in his lower back that cannot be fixed and causes him a great deal of pain. He started weekly accupuncture and it works wonders. Just a thought.

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