What’s that on your neck?

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My Lenny was staying over at friends last night – school is finishing up, and the living is easy. He walked in just now – huge band aid on his neck.

Funny story, Ima, he says, fingering his band aid. It’s just a bruise.

Last night his friend was playing around with a paintball gun in the woods (don’t even get me started on that), thought it was empty and fired it in Lenny’s direction. A pellet hit him in the neck. Didn’t hurt, says my tough soon-to-be 16 year old.

He woke up this morning, and his friend’s  brother took one look at him and made some kind of comment about him having a fun night last night. My son, being oh so innocent (and don’t disabuse me of this notion because I will need to take a powder and lie down) told his friends that he failed to understand the comment. They explained to him that it looked like a hickey.

Ok at this point I burst into laughter. I mean, covering up a bruise with a band aid just so no one would think he had a hickey!! Everyone knows he doesn’t hang out with girls. (again, don’t disabuse me of this notion because I will need to take a powder and lie down). He’s a good yeshiva boy. But yeah, he has school tomorrow and it wouldn’t look good for him to walk into school with it – you know how teenaged boys are. But having the band aid draws attention to it.

As he is walking away he asks me – Ima, if I had told you it WAS a hickey would you have believed me? I pondered for a moment, and said “no”. He wasn’t sure if he should be flattered that I trust him or insulted that I think he doesn’t know any girls.

He doesn’t, right?

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  1. fille says:

    Why do you ask us? You know your kid, you talked to him, you saw the expression of his face, etc. You have all the information we do not have, so how could we know better than you?

    If you suspect it really is a hickey, perhaps it would be time to have a talk about contraception. i.e. If you think that the hormones are strong than being a nice yeshive boy, you should allow him to take the necessary precautions.

  2. lady lock and load says:

    Save this blog entry for his high school year book in 12th grade. and let me know when to start sending you shidduch resume’s. ;)

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