What do you call this?

What do you call this? We call it a back pack. Apparently we are wrong. Interestingly enough we have been told that this is either a briefcase or a book bag. Back packs are Canadian. I don’t know, I called it a rucksack growing up….

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  1. Z! says:

    Totally a ‘back pack’. I mean, look at it- it goes on your back!

  2. Dovid says:

    That’s weird! Growing up in Chicago, we use to call them Back packs or schoolbags…

  3. Lili says:

    Weird, I am an American and I’ve never heard “briefcase” for anything other than, well, a briefcase. That is a backpack. I’ve heard of people saying “book bag” but never heard it myself.

  4. Odelia says:

    My mother, who is not a native English speaker, refers to it as a rucksack.
    Growing up, I called it a book bag (It was a bag for books after all.), but now I refer to it as a backpack.
    I’ve never heard of it being called a briefcase before. This is a briefcase as I know it.

  5. le7 says:

    In Wisconsin we call it a backpack or a bookbag.

  6. Totally a backpack. Although we also do call it a bookbag sometimes. Mostly, though, we call it a backpack.

  7. mirimosh says:

    I always learnt it as back pack and only here in Canada i heard it called a knapsack, so there.

  8. Nora says:

    Book bag and back pack were both used frequently. Rucksack less so but everyone still knew what it was.

  9. batya from NJ says:

    I use the terms backpack & knapsack interchangeably & either one of those names would be what I would call that bag!

  10. It’s a backpack or a school bag. Maybe a day pack, if it’s small (for hiking, as opposed to camping).

  11. sheldan says:

    A BACKPACK. Maybe a bookbag. Definitely not a briefcase.

    Incidentally, my briefcase is called a “rolling office.” It is one of those bookbags on wheels.

  12. I’m from Ohio. We call it a backpack, too!

  13. Frayda says:

    It is a backpack, book bag, or knapsack. End of story!

  14. Clemom says:

    I called it a briefcase growing up in NY but here in OH my kids call it a backpack.

  15. jean says:

    Ma pit’om?! Backpack!!! One word, zehoo.

  16. jean says:

    Briefcase … isn’t that the thing the Mad Men carry? :)

  17. Miriyummy says:

    I grew up in New York and we called that a backpack. My Brit husband would call it a rucksack.

    My European parents even called it a backpack, because that’s the word they learned when they came to the States in the early 60s. Although they said, “beckpeck.” ;-)

  18. I have known that by three different names, backpack, ruck(short for rucksack) and a “go bag”. Depending on what I was doing at the time.

  19. From Denver to Chicago to Nebraska to D.C. to Missouri .. it’s a backpack.

  20. ilanadavita says:

    Apparently in Hasidic English it is a briefcase!

  21. Mike S. says:

    If a lawyer wouldn’t carry it it can’t be a briefcase. Briefcases are rectangular, carried by a handle on top and are slightly larger than a sheet of legal paper (i.e. slightly larger than 11″ high by 14″ wide) and between 1 and about 3 or 4 inches thick.

  22. ilanadavita says:

    Mike: The question was “what do you call this?” not “what is it?”.

  23. Mark says:

    My grandmother calls it a rucksack. In out family, it’s either a backpack or a knapsack.

  24. Jason Monrow says:

    i can ALMOST guarantee thats a backpack lol. more spicific a girls backpack.
    my grandparents call it a “mochila” Thats spanish =]

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