Weirdest Dream

I woke up exhausted this morning and after I had seen the kids off to school I crawled back into bed for a hour. Not something I do often, but my brain was as slow as molasses. Even coffee did not help.

In my dream I am walking along the beach with my KoD, and happen to glance at the highway that ran parallel to the beach, and saw a car cross the median and crash into a tree.

I yelled to the KoD to call 911 and I sprinted across the highway to see if I could help. The driver met me halfway and I helped her onto the beach. She was wearing ice skates. It was obvious to us all that this was why she had crashed, but it was like the big elephant in the room, no one mentioned it. She said she was tired and lost concentration.

I woke up. I wonder what it all means….

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  1. Chalomos Shav Yidabeiru

  2. On second thought, maybe it means that KoD should take u on a vacation, and to avoid car accidents, take a cruise ship instead. U can go ice skating there if u want.

  3. batya from NJ says:

    Yeah maybe it means that you miss ice-skating in Montreal ;)!

  4. David Shire says:

    After a long walk in the fields, here’s my opinion:
    The car crash symbolizes a perceived disaster – and the ice skates indicate a total loss of control. Literally skating away on an ice flow. The woman thought that she had lost control but, in reality, no-one else thought of her accident in that way – and in your dream, she met you half way – in all senses. But, in the end, the ambulance wasn’t needed and she carried on with her journey (the car was a total loss – collateral damage, and, anyway, her insurance covered everything.

  5. IMA2FOUR7 says:

    At first it seemed to me that perhaps has v’shalom you had been dipping into your Wednesday’s Wacky signs post before your nap.
    But now after my third glass of seltzer, it must mean that you are working too hard to make Pesach! I can’t believe I am the first of your followers to mention it. Everyone knows you can’t drive with ice skates–kind of a metaphor for trying to make Shabbes while making Pesach, isn’t it?

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