Weird Dream

So last night I had the strangest dream. I went with Rivki Silver (who I have not yet met IRL) to a local wedding, where she was hired to play piano. I was there as a page turner. (Totally do not read music, but hey, I had special dream powers).

Half way through the performance (I thought this was a wedding?!) someone in my life with very negative energy walked in to the hall. Every time I looked to check where she was, she seemed to have drifted somewhere else without effort – almost like her particles rearranged themselves on the other side of the room in a nano second.

Rivki and I chased her through the concert hall where the young couple were cutting their wedding cake, Rivki sneezed, out flew a baby (I caught it thank G-d) and there we were back at the piano playing a duet.

Someone help me make sense of this??!!

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  1. Alan Broner says:

    This cannot be interpreted in an open forum….*ducking fast and running…….LOL*

  2. haha – glad you caught the baby. And that I had a gig. ;)

  3. G6 says:

    I’m with Alan.

  4. fille says:

    I don’t think dreams have a significance. I think you just dreamed it.

  5. Z! says:

    I always find it so interesting that for as long as I’ve known you your dreams have always incorporated babies as much as possible.

  6. T says:

    This has GOT to be some form of empathy prego dream, seeing as how you claim to have so many of your gals in this beautiful state!!!!
    too funny!!!

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