Weekend Wonders – Part Three



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Sunday morning I had the honour of waking up at 7 am, in order to text KoD to make sure he woke up in order to make it to minyan on time in order to pray to G-d. I had to wake up Prince Pigeon too, as he was to go to shul with KoD. For once the prince listened to me without kvetching – the idea of just he and KoD going to shul together was a total blessing for him.


I found it tough getting up this morning –the coffee just wasn’t kicking in well enough. The few hours that KoD wasn’t with me, well, I just felt something was totally missing. Even tho I was sleeping most of those few hours, but still, spending time in his company is just the greatest feeling in the world. You know, how when you are surrounded by good people you feel better about yourself – well, when I am with him I just feel awesome and invincible and so sure of myself. He inspires me to be so much more than I think I can be, and has such total faith that I could do / be anything. I don’t understand how one awesomely special person can make another feel so amazingly inspired and empowered and oh so loved. I am humbled by him…….sorry, got sidetracked there – where was I? (newsflash, shares in Kleenex have more than doubled in the last hour)


Finally I kicked myself out of bed and into the kitchen. I decided to make the kids French toast, from the left over challah. Good job I had KoD buy those flowers I mean eggs on Friday. I don’t often get to give the kids that kind of breakfast – they have school even on Sundays, so there isn’t much opportunity. So I totally enjoyed cooking breakfast for my man and my kids. Of course when KoD and Prince Pigeon came home from shul they had stopped by the bakery and bought donuts – the yummy cream filled ones, and danishes etc – so a very filling breakfast was had by all. (I have resisted the donuts all day long, they have just now started calling to me again……what the heck, dress hasn’t been fitted yet, what could one hurt?)


We had decided that we wanted to do something fun with the kids, other than just stay home and wii. Eventually after much discussion it was decided that we would all go ice skating downtown and then go to the pizza shop. (it’s a kosher drive thru pizza shop. Novelty of kosher drive thru has not worn off yet, and it’s been a few years).


Those of you who have more than one child know that there is no way that everyone is going to agree on what’s fun and what isn’t. Why should we be any different? Eventually I pulled rank, and laid down the law. You don’t have to enjoy yourselves, you just have to be there. I didn’t even insist that they all pretend to have a good time – I knew they would eventually enjoy something.


So we drove downtown – two vehicles, everyone safely buckled, found parking easily (thank you oh parking G-d) and went to stand in line with 50 other people who had the same idea as us. As we are queuing up they announced that they had to resurface the ice – for those of you out there who don’t know, that’s what a machine called a Zamboni is used for. (useless trivia, you never know when you will need it). So we are just standing there minding our own business and this fancily dressed guy starts conversing with the people in front. Realization dawns on me who he is, but I didn’t want to ruin the surprise for our kids. I nudged them to watch this guy, and they looked quizzically at me – ok the fact that he was talking French didn’t really help. Once he started making handkerchiefs appear and disappear, well the language didn’t seem to make too much of a difference. He eventually moved on to us, and showed us many different tricks – what my kids found hysterical was his card shuffling styles from all over Canada. It was truly funny – especially the Newfie way of shuffling. He put them back in the box and shook the box. (the one handed shuffle was pretty awesome too) The magician’s tricks helped us pass the time in line, and all of a sudden it was our turn to pay.


Being an honorary Canadian, I have laced up my fair share of ice skates, and not thought twice about it. I did today. I think parenting classes should include this important part of life. I didn’t lace up everyone’s skates, but close to six pairs of feet got laced up by me into smelly rented ice skates (can they not febreeze them??), and an armchair wasn’t even provided so I could rest my weary poor sore little back.


Of course tempers flared, this one’s skates didn’t fit properly, that one’s helmet was too big or small, I don’t want to skate, why are his skates nicer than mine? Etc etc. one of the princes decided just before going on the ice that he wasn’t going to skate because his skates felt funny. (funny peculiar, not funny haha)! It was pointed out to him that it cost money to rent the skates, and if he hadn’t wanted to skate he should have said so. (noises were made at home before we left, to the tune of I don’t want to skate, but I want to skate, but I might hurt myself but I want to have fun……..). We left him at the side of the rink to make his own decision, because reasoning with him was proving hopeless. Eventually the darling prince made his way reluctantly onto the ice, skated over to where we were and said “I didn’t want you to waste your money, so I decided I should skate a bit” – kids eh? He wasn’t going to enjoy it, nu uh, not for all the tea in China. I caught him smiling, but he doesn’t know and we will keep it that way.


So most of the children had fun, and those that didn’t certainly looked like they were enjoying themselves. Us parent-folk didn’t skate – I love to skate, but my back takes tremendous exception to it, and therefore KoD decided to sit it out too and keep his Queen company. Sweet.


Once the kids had worked up an appetite we decided it was time to leave for the pizza shop. Feeding seven kids and two adults at a fast food place was a new experience for us, but I feel we handled it with aplomb and dignity. We introduced our American family to the idea of Poutine – French fries, melted cheese and gravy – mmm mmm good!


With tummies full we drove home to our apartment, for the kids to veg, and for the grownups to make sure everything was packed up so that KoD could take his court back home in time for bedtime in Monsey. I hate the leaving part.


We shared a last coffee together, but mine became so much more watery as time went on (newsflash number 2 – Kleenex shares still soaring), didn’t help matters that Prince Pigeon came in and said something totally cute to KoD – “I can’t wait until you are my step dad”…..I know he said something else, but at that point the tears were flowing…..I am so going to miss my man. It was just so awesome spending time together as a family. My kids totally adore him, even to the point of wanting to go in his car, sit next to him at the table etc. not that they don’t love me, they do, but he is newer LOL. I love his kids so much – I love him so much. Being apart really is so very difficult. In just under 7 weeks we will be married – I cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with him. Just a little thing called a wedding to put together, and he will be mine for life. Yay!


We had such an awesome weekend – and I know that real life will be different, because you can’t live life as if on vacation – but just being with each other, breathing the same air – it just fills my heart with so much joy.


Well, I have been writing for two and a half hours, my tears are not yet stopped, my honey is more than half way home and my boychikles will be back soon, ready to go to sleep with big smiles on their faces. So I bid ye all a good night…


Vayehee erev Vayehee Voker, Sof Yom HaShlishi……….THE END!

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  1. mirimosh says:

    wow sounds like it was an amazing weekend for all of you. And i know it’s easy to say but those 7 weeks will pass soon or maybe i should say i wish you that they’ll pass fast.

  2. Pearl says:

    Hadassah, what a pleasure to read about your Shabbos. I hope this “natural high” lasts a lifetime for you (and your boys) and your King of Hearts and his children.

    I worked for close to 18 years copy editing romance novels; your story…and writing style…surpass them all!

  3. Z! says:

    Yes, that soup of yours is awesome, and the perfect stuff for a cold Erev Shabbos. I wish I could’ve been one of the people to knock on your door Shabbos eve, and not just for the soup! Sounds like an amazing time was had by all, I miss sharing that with you.
    I’m sure it was difficult, up there in Montreal, for the KoD and his kids cuz Monsey has no snow, at least Brooklyn’s snow has all gone. Maybe Monsey has some, it’s further north.
    7 weeks till we see each other for another simcha. I like that, keep it up!

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