Week of Sickies

I have been sick all week and still waiting to turn that corner into feeling better and more like myself.

I have a sinus infection and a touch of laryngitis – and the KoD dragged me kicking and screaming to the doctor on Monday. He prescribed me some antibiotics – I got to choose whether I wanted the expensive Levaquin or the cheaper Cipro. All depended on the co-pay from the insurance company. Shouldn’t this just have been the doctors choice, after all, he’s the one with the fancy medical degree.

It’s now Thursday. My fever has abated and my voice returned but the centre of my face still hurts and my sinuses are still throbbing, though less than earlier in the week. The first two days on the antibiotics left me itching up a storm and with a major headache – I was concerned I was allergic to the drugs. But the last two doses don’t seem to have had the same effect.

I am just so so tired and worn out. I am now working full time which is wonderful but I am probably trying to be superwoman and I need to delegate more. I have so many personal projects that I want to complete – but there just aren’t enough hours in the day. I wonder at what point I will cry “uncle” and ask for more help. I need a cook, a maid and a live-in masseuse – that will be a good start anyway! ;)

This has just been me rambling on…… I think I will climb back into bed for an hour once the kids have gone to school. (Who am I kidding? It would be ideal, but we all know it would never happen).

As you were…..

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  1. Mike S. says:

    If the doctor. knew that the strain of bacteria going around was more sensitive to one or the other he should have (and probably would have) told you. To culture to determine that is too expensive and time consuming for an individual case–that only makes sense in an epidemic. So the right answer, no matter how much training the doctor has is to start with the cheaper option. It is as likely to work as the other. No matter how good the doctor he can’t determine which antibiotics a particular strain of strep is resistant to by looking at your throat. On the other hand, if the doctor did not have any particular reason to believe you had a bacterial (as opposed to viral) infection and prescribed antibiotics anyway so that he would appear to be doing something he is a menace and you should find another one.

  2. Noa says:

    This is completely unrelated but I watched your video on making a 6 strand challah. I do mine differently (under-over, under-over). I’ll try your way this week. However, more important question…WHERE DID YOUR ACCENT GO? I can’t remember how long you’ve lived in North America, but there is nothing Welsh left at all!!!

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