Watch your children!

We just returned from doing our Pesach shopping. Nothing like last minute, eh? Store was bursting at the seams.

Now I understand that people don’t always have babysitting options available to them, and sometimes that means dragging your kids to the store. But if you drag your kids to the store which is an insane zoo the least you could do is actually keep your eye on them.

Three times these 2 little terrors almost knocked me over. They were running up and down the aisles without a care in the world, knocking things over, pushing each other down and giggling all the while. Parents were around – oh yes both of them were – smiling benignly as their progeny terrorized each other and other patrons.

The running hoodlums preceded me down one of the aisles and almost ran smack into a little old lady who then gave ME the stink eye. She asked me if they were my kids. I said no. She said “I bet you’re glad they’re not”. And I was. I would be mortified if my kids ever behaved like that.

Beside from the fact that they were being feisty and wild, they could have hurt someone, or even themselves. I know kids will be kids. That does buy them a little leeway – but this was neither the time nor the place. What galled me the most was that the parents did not seem to care one whit. They just were content watching the kids do their thing while they got their shopping done.

Pass the grumpitol.

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  1. Oh my. I’ve seen this while shopping many times as well. And you’re right, most parents don’t seem to care. I thought it was just me being grumpy as a non-parent who as I’ve been told “doesn’t understand kids because I don’t have any”. What I do have are parents that would have tanned my hide if I behaved that way in public…but maybe that’s just old fashioned sense that doesn’t exist anymore?
    (btw I just noticed your “cast of characters and it made me LOL)

  2. I blame the parents for this one (something I’m not always so quick to do). If both parents were standing there, they HAD “babysitting options.” One stays home, the other shops. Blaming the kids for misbehaving would be like blaming an alligator for eating a child. (Which we do, strangely enough, when it happens. Alligator has to die. Never question why the child was running around with the gators. Nope – bad gator.) Anyway, children should not be taken out in public until they know how to behave. That is a younger age for some (and even then, only for some places) than for others. But they do have to be TAUGHT how to behave – there’s not some magical age where they can simply be plunked down in a store and expected to know what’s acceptable and what’s not. Parents smiling benignly at their antics isn’t teaching them anything but “Do it again!!”

  3. S.A. says:

    Not only do I watch my children in public I’ve given them a lecture and a timeout in a store. Both girls looked suitably sorry when a lady wandered over and said I was being too strict and they were “just babies”. …I wanted to slap her. I showed remarkable restraint and kept my mouth closed.

    Regardless of age children should know what behavior is acceptable and not acceptable. As well, parents should not allow their children to terrorize a store nor its patrons.

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