Waking Up is Hard to Do

It’s back to school season. As of tomorrow all four of the boys will be back in school. Doing the happy dance!

But along with that comes early mornings, grumpy boys and pre-coffee cranky Ima. I am lucky that my boys don’t give me tooooo much trouble in the mornings, but there are mornings that I would rather not relive.

How do you get your kids up in the morning or do they get themselves up? How much time is there from wake- up to bus pick-up / leaving for school? How were you woken up as a child?

If your kids won’t wake up and miss the bus, do you make them pay for a cab to school from their own money or do you do the helicopter parent thing and just take them?

Curious how it all works in your house.

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  1. Baila says:

    We started school a week ago and are off to a good start. This year I drop the girls off (otherwise the walk) and I hope that will prevent the lateness. My youngest is notorious with being late. I hope that getting a ride continues to motivate her but I have no illusions. Being firm about a bedtime helps, I think, not easy with teenagers but I’ve been trying to stick to my guns.

  2. I was the eldest. Older than my next sibling by 3 years and then 7 years and 15 years. It was my job to get them up for school in time for the bus.

    If they missed the bus, I got beat up because there was no way to get my sisters to school except for a really long bus ride plus train. Then after my beating, I had to stay home, TOO, to watch them if I was unlucky.

    Cab was too expensive for us because they went to school out of the district. If they missed it, they stayed home and my mom was violent. Also, my mom didn’t want them missing EXTRA school since she kept us out when she was too violent and bruised us.

    I woke up at 5:45am and I gave myself half an hour to get them up before I sprinkled water on them. Then an hour for everyone to get ready and out the door. None of us had bedtimes so we weren’t morning people. We all would get to school in time to eat breakfast there. Even though it took me 45-60 minutes to get there by train alone.

    I started this process at age 8 and by age 17, I had it perfectly honed. My sisters rarely missed the bus.

  3. My friend’s kid was late to day school so much in one year that the parent coordinator had to get involved. The whole family is notoriously late. The elder daughter used to have the neighbor’s daughter come over and help her get ready.

  4. Z! says:

    My mom and my alarm clock. For elementary school, we mostly walked if it wasn’t too cold. In highschool, I was school bussed and had to be at that bus stop by 7:30, I think. The ride to school was long, as the school was across town. My mom did drive me to a city bus station if I was going to miss it. No way was she driving me across town!

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