Toddlers and Tiaras

I haven’t been feeling that well the past couple of days – a virus decided to pass through my body. Ugh. Feeling better now, though. Almost 100%.

After putting the kids to bed last night I had the thought to watch a little trash TV to take my mind off feeling like a wet weekend.

Earlier in the day I “heard” my friend Melissa Chapman (@madijack) talking about the show, so I was curious to see it for myself.

I was horrified. It’s a show about beauty pageants and their contestants. Child contestants. Babies, toddlers. Oh the glitz and the glamour. To me – total vomitaciousness.

This is off the website of TLC:

On any given weekend, on stages across the country, little girls and boys parade around wearing makeup, false eyelashes, spray tans and fake hair to be judged on their beauty, personality and costumes. Toddlers and Tiaras follows families on their quest for sparkly crowns, big titles, and lots of cash.

The preparation is intense as it gets down to the final week before the pageant. From hair and nail appointments, to finishing touches on gowns and suits, to numerous coaching sessions or rehearsals, each child preps for their performance. But once at the pageant, it’s all up to the judges and drama ensues when every parent wants to prove that their child is beautiful.

The contestants they follow are babies or very young children, mainly girls. These kids are getting their eyebrows waxed and are being spray tanned. At delicately young ages they are taught that they are valued based on their faces and bodies alone. Their parents spend thousands of dollars prettifying their toddlers so they can win a competition. This to me seems much more about the parents than the children. What child of 2 can say “I want to be in a pageant? Please put make up and hair extensions and a sexy costume on me”?? I saw a three year old with fake French manicured nails!!

Whatever happened to children being allowed to have a childhood based on normal values – be a kid, run around being comfortable in your own skin, feel blessed with what you are given. Some of these kids were lovely children – without the make up and fake hair and skimpy costumes. Fresh faced innocence turned into mini-tramps. That’s what it felt like to me, anyway. Sad sad sad.

Have you seen the show? What did you think of it? What do you think of the idea in general?

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  1. Risa says:

    It sounds like kiddie porn, not something I even want to think about…

  2. G6 says:

    I’ve seen it and I find that all these mothers are living vicariously through their children – gaining whatever shreds of self esteem that they can from parading their children around as painted sex objects. So Sad.

    But while you’re on that channel – check out Say Yes To The Dress, shot at Kleinfeld’s bridal salon in New York city. Let me know what you think… and don’t forget to check out Pnina Tornei’s 20+K gowns…

    • HSaboMilner says:

      i love say YES to the dress. such bridezillas ;)

      • G6 says:

        All I’m gonna say is that there are SOME people (frum Jews aside) who could benefit from a bit of a SLEEVE (and some cleavage buildup) …

        And since when are bustiers allowed in church?!?? Wasn’t there a time brides were supposed to look virginal?

  3. Chanief says:

    I’ve caught this show once or twice and it disgusts me, but yet it is like a train wreck – it’s hard to tear your eyes away once you stumble upon it.

  4. Frayda says:

    It is horrible. I feel so bad for the little girls who are getting their self esteem ripped to shreds at 5 years old.

  5. Z! says:

    I sorta see the other side of it. I mean, Miss America is bred in these small town pageants and this is how the winners learn to manipulate the system to become the world “beauties”. Most of the “Miss” winners are decent educated girls- this is where the “personality” part of the competition comes in.
    I don’t beleive that all the make-up or costumes are necessary. the hair pieces, fake nails and fake tans really trouble me. I think the beauty should be more “real”, but if you’ve noticed there are fat girls up there shaking their stuff and winning!
    BTW, these girls that are filmed seem to like looking like live dolls. It is the ultimate dress up.

  6. i *love* reality tv (shameless guilty pleasure, i tell you!) but this one crosses the line i think for pretty much anyone. especially moms. even the pictures in passing of the little girls in full make-up, etc are nothing short of disturbing. and this from someone who loves reality tv *and* all things glitzy and girly!! oy!

  7. homeshuling says:

    I watched this with my 2 girls (by accident, and then, well, we couldn’t turn it off.) They are 5 and 6, and love to play dress up, and even *they* were horrified. The very idea of judging children on things like “best smile”…..

  8. mrsmelissasg says:

    i will admit, i watch a few too many tlc shows, but i watched this one once and will never again. it devastates me to see what these moms put their children through – especially the ones who are either too young to ask or specifically say they don’t want to do it. while you have to encourage children to try new things, you don’t have to push them to be someone they aren’t. i think there is a line which these parents definitely cross.

  9. Ronco says:

    I love this show. To me it is what America is all about. Some may say pretentious and shallow. I say it’s about putting your best out there and getting judged. After all, these girls have nothing else to look forward to except low paying jobs at WalMart, and if they are among the lucky, Hooters. Let them have their fun. Reality begins soon.

  10. Tiara Time says:

    Thanks for the post! I thought the show was disgusting, too. If they want to make a sad show in ten years about how messed up these kids lives are, they are preparing them well.

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