The Waistband’s Lament

I thought technology was supposed to make things easier for us. I popped out a little while ago to the pharmacy – have a little sickie at home L – and as I was getting ready I noticed how many things I had attached to me.

Firstly and most importantly was the PoisonBerry – I cannot take five steps without it, and it needs to be on my left hip – my mobile home office.

Next – my pedometer. I am trying to walk at least 10 000  steps a day, ideally would like to get to 15 000 but the weather needs to improve for me to be able to do that on a regular basis.

Then, because I was walking to the shopping centre, I needed my iPod because G-d forbid I go 5 minutes without hearing my 80s music. So that was clipped to my waistband too. It was a miracle my skirt didn’t fall off with all the hardware attached to it.

How did we ever survive without all this stuff? I was popping to the shops for mere minutes….yet I was outfitted technologically for a land skirmish…

But isn’t it weird (good weird) how on Shabbat we can totally disconnect from it all without a backwards glance? I know some people get phantom BB buzz on Shabbat, but other than that no one I know seems to be worried about lack of contactibility…

What are your thoughts?

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  1. rabbifink says:

    I hate the phantom buzzing.

    (BTW, an iPhone can do all of the things you need on one device, just saying…)

  2. Z! says:

    I’m sure the BB can too…

  3. frumgoth says:

    It’s not the lack of contactibility thats problematic for me on shabbos – it’s not knowing what time it is. I don’t wear a watch b/c I use my cell phone for the time.

  4. G6 says:

    It’s funny… there are several “names” for the guys w/ all the hock hanging off their belts…. but none for the girls.
    We need a “name” for you….!
    (full disclosure, I often check my email right after havdalah….)

  5. Z! says:

    HA! My hubby doesn’t even GET to Havdallah before the phones and BB are back on. We affectionately call it the “Crackberry”

  6. rabbifink says:


    There is no BB pedometer…

    And it is not the greatest with your music.

    (past BB user / addict)


  7. hadassahsabo says:

    perhaps, just perhaps, once we move and i have to get a new phone anyway, i will perhaps look into perhaps the iPhone..

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