I actually managed to pull off a surprise. Me, the woman who will never play poker because everything she thinks is written clearly on her face. I did it!!

My KoD, as you all know, is the master of all pranks and surprises – I guess I learned from the master.

Who did I surprise? My oldest child, Prince Lenny. It was his birthday last week. We don’t make big huge deals for birthdays – but he did get a little spoiled. He was out with friends all day Thursday which is when the whole surprise started taking shape.

I have blogged before about his best friend “Blessing”. Such a fine boy, a good soul, from an awesome family. We are truly honoured to have the whole family as friends. So Blessing was in Brooklyn for a few days, and wanted to come see Lenny and the whole family. He was there on his own staying with relatives and didn’t have easy access to transportation. Lenny and Blessing had a conversation but the logistics of having Blessing come see us just didn’t work out.

Thursday, Lenny was out, and Blessing’s folks called, to see if we could work something out. Blessing had to get up to the Catskills to camp today (Sunday) and if we could work that out, then he could hop on a bus with his duffel bags and trek into Monsey on Friday. I had to drive my kids up to Lake George today as they are returning to Montreal to visit with their dad for a little while – and that’s the central meeting point. I figured, on the way back I could drop Blessing off at camp, it would only take me a little bit out of my way.

So we said sure, let Blessing come join us for Shabbat, I would pick him up from the bus on Friday, and the boychickles could all hang out.

Lenny didn’t get back till very very late Thursday night and asked me if he could stay at a different friend for Shabbat. I told him it was late, and I would think about it and we’d discuss it in the morning.

By then the idea of surprising him had taken a very strong hold. He was upset that he and Blessing hadn’t managed to organize a visit – they have been best buddies for most of their lives. Then, Friday morning,  to add insult to injury, Ima told Lenny that he couldn’t stay over at his friend’s house for Shabbat. I told him I wanted him here as Chaviva and Evan would be with us for Shabbat. “but Ima….” – sorry kid, Ima said no. And No means No.

He wasn’t a happy camper. I had let Squiggy in on the secret and it was all he could do to keep from jumping up and down with glee. But he kept it to himself even though he sooo wanted to tell Lenny!

Around one pm I told the boys I had to run an errand, and was taking Squiggy with me. We went and picked up Blessing from the bus stop, and planned out how we were going to spring the surprise on Lenny.

We got home, Squiggy and I jumped out of the car in the garage, and sent Blessing round to the front door with instructions to wait 2 minutes and ring the bell.

Lenny was playing PlayStation with his two younger brothers and barely looked up when we walked in. His grumpitude was palpable.

The doorbell rang. I walked to the door and opened it – and casually called out over my shoulder, “Lenny – it’s for you!!”

He came to the door and suddenly his whole face lit up, he cracked a gigantic smile and lifted Blessing off his feet in the biggest bear hug ever.  He was so thrilled. Then we told him he was staying for Shabbat and even though Lenny was ecstatic – Ima had some splainin’ to do!! He thinks he should have been told…but I think the surprise was way better.

I was just so happy I was able to surprise him – and I got the biggest compliment from him ever. “Ima, you are turning into the KoD!”

We had an awesome Shabbat with our full house – and now it’s just me and the KoD and it’s really quiet here…..

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  1. Chaviva says:

    And he was still so upset about the surprise … which was funny. I would have been SO happy. They seemed to have a really good time over Shabbos!

  2. batya from NJ says:

    So nice of you to surprise Lenny & now just enjoy the temporary quiet time that you have alone with the KoD b/c before you know it, it will be noisy again :)!

  3. lady lock and load says:

    Very good Hadassah, I am impressed. What’s next on the agenda, pulling a prank/surprise on KoD? You can totally do it!

  4. T says:

    see Hadassah…surprises aren’t so bad now are they!!!??

  5. fille says:

    I agree with your son: you somewhat marred the surprise with the negative feelings he was harbouring against you.

  6. Z! says:

    I think you did an AWESOME thing!

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