Sock Monster Strikes Again

How is it that I have TWENTY TWO odd socks in my sock box?? None are mine or the KoD’s, which I find interesting. Where on earth do their mates go? And how do I have a baby sock in there? We haven’t had babies for years…

Do you have a sock box? How many odd ones do you have? How long do you keep the odd ones before you give up and throw them all out??

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  1. I don’t have a good place for my errant socks yet. I’m equally confused as to how we can have so many. We’re a small family! Once, I had a brilliant idea for keeping Little Man’s socks all together. I washed them in a delicates bag. Well, the bag opened during the wash, so my efforts were in vain!

  2. Rifki says:

    There is an alternative! We buy each person his/her own brand/style/colour of socks in their size. Thus, each member of the family has many pairs of identical socks, eliminating the issue of orphans entirely. Additionally, this also saves loads of time — you never really have to pair them up — and then, all you need to do is grab any two and you’re set.

  3. ilanadavita says:

    A box for the mateless socks is a good idea. Losing socks is also something that is beyond my understandig. How can kids and youngsters lose so many socks and never find them again? They must get eaten by the house elves.

    • tesyaa says:

      Kids’ socks are small. Unless you are an excellent housekeeper, they’re bound to find their way into the smallest cracks & crevices.

  4. Oklahoma Rose says:

    I don’t throw them out. Every time I do, the mates show up. I keep the stray socks indefinitely and recycle them. Right now, at 60, most of the orphan socks are being used to apply Deep Heat rub to sore joints and to my back as their are no extra hands on board. One can stretch men’s athletic socks to cover the entire back — and I have no idea where the men’s socks came from since there hasn’t been one in my life in nearly 2 decades — and I don’t want the throw-aways who keep popping up. All things are not green or worth recycling.

  5. Sophia says:

    I mainly wear tights rather than socks and most of mine are either hand knitted or toe sox so not so much of a problem. The DH just has lots and lots of the same style and colour and his sock drawer is his problem . The problems will come when we have kids – I remember only two well my mother’s despair over the many identical pairs of socks belonging to me, my siblings and my father (in those days I still wore trousers outside and always wore plain black cotton socks for economy reasons ). Even when she measured them against each other she didn’t always get it right, but somehow we all knew whose socks were whose.

  6. T says:

    oh no! don’t get me started on this one…I got so fed up once, I threw them all in the garbage! now I have a pretty gift bag sitting on my dresser and they get plopped in there. Even little Z knows where to find a “matching sockkies”.

  7. Rifki says:

    Click on the link below to find out how to retrieve those lost socks from your washing machine!

  8. ASD says:

    You know what will happen if you get rid of the single sock? The very next day you will find the mate. You just can’t fake out the sock fairy:)

  9. I have a huge bag, full of socks that almost match. I keep them forever- it’s a fault of mine.

    We have no pets, but check these out.

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