Snow Day

We had a lot of snow forecast to come down overnight last night, and the kids were all psyched about getting a snow day today. Around 9 pm the school district cancelled transportation, so it was practically a given that there would be no school today.

One school called last night to say they will make a decision in the morning, and another school called us at 10.30 pm (way too late in my opinion) to say school was cancelled. A third school has a message hotline that you call to hear any updates. Last night before I went to sleep I called and there was nothing new.

I had the most vivid dream last night. That instead of waking up to snow this morning, there was no fresh snow on the ground. I kept calling the hotline and a library had left a message for its staff on the school’s hotline. I didn’t know what to do – if there were no buses how were the kids going get to school? I started to panic – and then thankfully I woke up. To fresh snow. And a message on the hotline that “due to inclement weather” there is no school.

I just looked outside. They cancelled school for this?? Seriously – they say we got 7 inches, but the streets are plowed and it has stopped snowing. They could totally have delayed school / buses an hour or two. I think it’s ridiculous that there is no school at all today.

Anyhow. I have to work today (oh the joys of working from home – no sick days, no snow days) but I am sure the kids will enjoy themselves with a day off. Let’s see – there is laundry to do, they have rooms to tidy up, they can vacuum and mop and dust while I work. Sounds fair to me, no? Then when we are all done working, they can go outside and frolic in the snow.

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  1. Rishona says:

    Oh my goodness…three different schools to deal with! I agree calling at 10:30 pm is just too late. If anything, they should invest in a text messaging service for these types of things.

    I miss being in school and having the decision to stay home made for you. I did not go in to work on time today (it is still snowing here in PA). Thankfully, my boss is reasonable…but she still wants the work to get done. I work at a college and the semester starts next week, so I’m still dealing with the mail and paperwork coming in from students who are trying to start next week. I realize that it is very important that I be there (and I have to physically be there to pick up the mail). However my commute takes and hour in good weather. On the way home yesterday, it took about an hour and 45 minutes for me to get home.

    I really can’t stand the snow. It is such a huge inconvenience!

  2. Rebecca D says:

    Yeah seriously there should be no school. I am at work too and on the way there was only one road unslushed! I live in Philly and we got less then the Ny and Nj areas. My coworkers and I witnessed enough near misses to make me very sure that I don’t want my most precious treasures, my kids, on a bus any where near the roads.
    What I really was upset about is that the yeshiva my son attends near lakewood texted me @ 4:30pm to pick up my son. That no boys were allowed to stay in the dorm in lakewood. I had to litterally get in the car that second shlep out there and then wait till they arrived back @ close to 8pm. At which point it really started to come down. I mean HARD!!! The highway was covered in the white stuff in a matter of minutes! We experienced at least 4 near swerves misses, other cars, one was only a foot away from our car. I mean what was more important, the kids safly getting home, or heaven forbid having to supervise and occupy the kids in the dorm? And, if they know most of the kids are from out of town then close school early so the kids aren’t in dire peril. That is not an exageration as I stated before even the highways were covered and the visability was at a low. I was really scared for us both. Of course the boy thought it was a blast!

  3. Mike S. says:

    Not only was school canceled here in Boston, even my work was closed–I think this is less than 5 times in close to 30 years. Of course, we had about 18″ with the worst of it overnight and through the morning. Also, we had no power (that means no heat either) for most of the day, but thankfully the NSTAR crews that had worked for several hours in blizzard conditions finding multiple problems in our area got the power on at dinner time. My hats off to the linemen and others.

  4. says:

    i miss snow, would be wonderful to get a bit of snow in jerusalem this year. Even just for an hour or so, it’s so exciting.

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