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I recently was lucky enough to win a gift certificate to I ordered two hats and a tichel / scarf. I had trouble ordering through the website, but soon after I had emailed customer support, I received a phone call, so that my order could be processed in a timely fashion. My order was taken over the phone. I was very impressed with their professionalism.

I had everything shipped to my NY address – saves on taxes and shipping. My order arrived within 3 days. KoD brought the box up with him this past weekend.

I had a lot of fun opening it – I am still like a little kid when I get deliveries. I love the anticipation of having new things. The first thing that struck me was how nicely wrapped the hats were – in gold tissue paper. Presentation is very important to me, and I was nicely surprised with this.

The hats were the ones I had ordered, with foam circles in them to keep their shape. The scarf was nicely folded in a plastic sleeve. I opened up the scarf, and was a bit disappointed as to the quality. I had expected something a little thicker – it seemed very sheer to me. KoD wasn’t thrilled with how it looked on me, either. But I think it is fine for hanging out in, on dress down days. This tichel is actually perfect to braid the way I like to do.

I love the hats. My kids call them lampshades – but they mean it in an affectionate way. I am very fussy when it comes to hats – not too tight, brim not too big, hat not too fussy. These seem to fit the bill perfectly. I can wear them with all my hair tucked under, with my hair out, or with a fall, they do not hurt the head if you wear them all day – they are really soft. I suffer a lot from headaches and if hats are too tight on my head, it exacerbates the symptoms. I doubt I will have a problem with these hats. They will also keep my head warm this winter while helping me look stylish.

In a nutshell, I am extremely happy with my head coverings.

Here are some pix:

misc 003misc 006
misc 004

Coming within the week – a giveaway. Stay tuned.

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  1. G6 says:

    Love, love, love the hats!!!!
    (Oh, and I love giveaways too ;) )

  2. Z! says:

    You know how much I adore them!! It is so nice to hear good feedback about them. They work very hard.

  3. tesyaa says:

    It’s unfair to the rest of us — you are so pretty you make every hair covering look good.

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