Quick non scientific poll

Women – Do you cry too much? Do you cry a lot? What makes you cry? Are you a self described cry baby? Does your male partner cry too? What do you think of that?

Men – do you cry? When? Do you think your wife or female significant other cries too much? Do you think crying on your part is threatening to your masculinity?

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  1. As a man I would have to say that crying is a good thing in general. My wife doesn’t cry as much as I do. At movies I tend to become teary easily – who knows why, I just get really into it. Crying is in no way threatening to me and my wife likes that I feel okay to express myself.

  2. Chanief says:

    Frustratingly enough I tend to cry when I get REALLY angry. It doesn’t happen often but it pisses me off when it does. Just when I need to be strong and forceful I cry… wtf??

    I will get teary at certain moments in movies but generally I’m not a big crier. My husband is not either a crier. He tears up at movies sometimes too but it takes something pretty bad (a death of someone close etc) to make him cry.

  3. Anonymous says:

    It breaks my heart to see my husband cry. Usually from overwhelming frustration. It is especially difficult when I cannot hug and hold him to comfort.

    I cry for joy and love and beautiful things, as well as for when I am upset. I usdually only get to the crying angry point when I am really hurt and upset and frustrated, which, I think, takes alot. I find that I tear up when I truly empathize with someone/something and I cannot accurately convey it in words.

  4. Mark says:

    I cry when I hear, see, read about bad things that happen to children. But I always try to hide it because I am a guy. A few months ago, I was at a funeral (a very rare event for me) of a 40 year old woman with 4 young children. I was fine until her husband got up to speak (his hesped), and when he spoke about his children, I cried and couldn’t hide it from the crowd of 1000 people in the room. Then I briefly looked around and realized that I wasn’t the only one.

  5. le7 says:

    I cry when I’m really mad and frustrated. Or really really hurt. Or when I read a sappy story… Or a story about hashgacha protis.

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