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  1. Despite always telling myself I should do more, I don’t pamper myself nearly as much as I should.

  2. batya from NJ says:

    i’m a BIG fan of massages. i would have them every week if i could or even once a month but alas i cannot :(. instead i settle for once in a blue moon but it’s great when i go for it!
    i also enjoy manicures & pedicures whenever possible. i find i do it more in the summer b/c shabbos is later & there is more time in the day on friday to fit it in but i love it when i do (esp b/c the place i go to gives a really quick neck/back massage while the nails are drying which is always appreciated by moi!

    • hadassahsabo says:

      i need one of those chairs in my living room, Batya!! they cost at least $1,500!!!

      • batya from NJ says:

        actually, the chair massage is given during the pedicure but the women there actually give a mini back rub while the nails are drying. i love that place. maybe i’ll go there with u when you’re in my neck of the woods…

      • batya from NJ says:

        i would also LOVE one of the those chairs in my living room but i DON’T see that happening :(

  3. G6 says:

    I’ve become a big proponent of the weekly manicure because, as pampering goes, it’s one of the less expensive choices.
    If I get a massage once a year, it’s a big (and wonderful) deal, but it’s too costly for a regular schedule.
    I also think that scheduled, regular workout time (for me it’s at the gym) does wonders for both my physical as well as my mental state.

  4. Rainy says:

    I am a single (separated soon to divorce) mom, and I am carrying a heavy school load of my own, plus I’m the main caretaker of my 2 girls. Their dad is involved, but in the “fun, Disneyland” kind of way (and this is ok, they need that too and it keeps them connected so I am not complaining), he’s not too much a part of the daily workaday routine of their lives anymore. They are older, my oldest is actually in college/culinary school, but I homeschool the youngest for high school which is a full time job in and of itself.

    I treat myself to LUSH bath bombs – though I rarely get to enjoy them because of time constraints. Still, when I do? Oh they’re nice. I go to the spa once a year and I make a whole day of it. Facial, massage, hot tubs, steam, the whole shebang. I take terms back to back including winter and summer intensive sessions, so that spa day after 4 back to back terms is… heavenly! I am thinking about joining a Curves gym, which believe me does not feel like pampering, but is probably as important an aspect of self care as bubblebaths. :-/

  5. Z! says:

    Hadassah, do you not think that your writing is doing something “just for you”? I realise that you now have alot of fans you’d dissappoint if you stopped….but still, we’d manage. Somehow!

    Certainly when I take the time to do a painting (which I have been trying to do more of lately!) I know it is a way of taking time to do something for me. Or just sitting and reading, watching TV, taking a few minutes to read the blog, ect.
    Walking to the office, instead of taking the lift. pursuing a hobby. All of these “seemingly selfish acts” are ME time. Not just girly stuff like manicures and massages.

    • hadassahsabo says:

      yes, i love to write, and it is something that connects to my very soul. but is it something that i do just for me? i feel very satisfied after I have written a well received piece, and the ego stroking doesn’t exactly hurt. I haven’t looked at it in that way, tho. Thanks for pointing that out to me Z! Must go ponder some more as I cook supper for da boyz.

  6. Rebecca says:

    I can’t think of anything that I do for myself. There must be something but I can’t find it now. H your skin is so beautiful. R u using face make-up. Also, your lip outline is lovely. You would make a wonderful make up saleswoman. I only wear eyemakeup and do not use moisturerizer, etc. Takes too much time. What time in the morning did u make this video?

    • hadassahsabo says:

      Rebecca – Thanks for your kind words!! I have the typical English Rose complexion, thanks to my Mum. I was only wearing eyeliner, lipstick, and a dab of blush. i rarely moisturize or use foundation. blessed with the good skin genes. This video was made around 11 am.

      i might not wear lippie every day but i won’t leave the house without eyeliner.

    • batya from NJ says:

      hey rebecca! you read h.’s blog. that’s something you do for yourself! i agree with Z! that doing something for oneself does not have to involve girly things. i read when i can, enjoy my fb obsession, & watch tv while doing the elliptical. those are 3 things i do for myself (& don’t even have to pay $ to do them)…of course, we all occasionally go shopping for ourselves or go out with a friend-those are more “me-time” things that many of us indulge in occasionally…

  7. Lady Lock and Load says:

    I go to the gym every day, doing step or kick boxing is something I do for ME. I love to read Jewish books so I am alway buying books. Every night I read in bed and I have been doing this for years, helps me relax and unwind. Now, thanks to the shabbos lamp I can read in bed friday night as well! :) Once a week I go to my friend’s house and we learn sefer Tehillim, I love it, really does something for me. Plus my friend is such a tzaddaikes, she is good for my soul. I spend time buying and preparing nutritious food for me and my family and I take vitamins. If I don’t take care of myself noone else will!

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